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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Re: High-speed quad to replace old lift

Vail has a lot of great things to offer ” ridiculous acreage, the uniquely wide-open Back Bowls, easy access via the interstate, etc. ” but steep terrain isn’t one of them. Vail is kind of like cheap beer: It may be watered down, but you get a lot of it for one price, its nondescript flavor appeals to a wider range of people, and if you sell enough of it, someone’s bound to get hurt.

Re: 60 pot plants found in Wolcott, cops say

So first, his car is broken into, and then the cops bust him? What cruel injustice! The drug war mostly hurts people who otherwise are good citizens. Victimless crime? Doesn’t make any sense. NeoLibCon

Re: Will Eagle become the next Silverthorne?

I was born and raised here and I will do whatever it takes to keep this end of the Eagle Valley livable. It was a good compromise in putting Costco in an area that was zoned for it by the airport. Let’s continue to develop that area and not ruin the rest of the lower valley … Beenhereforever

Re: Letters to the Editor

The historic core area of Eagle generated less than 10 percent of Eagle’s sales tax revenue in 2005. Market and Chambers together generated 66 percent of the sales taxes.

Eagle’s central business district has already moved out of old Eagle. Eagle today is much bigger than its historic core area. eagleeye

Re: Will Eagle become the next Silverthorne?

Most people did not decide to move here because of the open space in the lower valley. Most people decided to move here because of a job. Get a clue!

Re: Eagle teen killed in car wreck

What a terrible tragedy. My heart goes out to both the families of the two who were killed as well as all the emergency workers who had to witness this terrible result of our broken justice system.

Re: Eagle teen killed in car wreck

Brian Houlihan’s comment is too true. I was there and it just reminds me of how fun Jake was and how he lit up the room.

Re: Kids no longer isolated by illness

Give me a break! No one should have to get cancer to understand the value of life.

Re: Affordable housing ‘not cost effective’

“Average yearly wage in the county is $62,682.” When a couple real estate agents pull down $2 or $3 million that really inflates those numbers.

The real wage is in the $20,000 to $30,000 range. Wake up and smell the coffee!

Re: Affordable housing ‘not cost effective’

I feel sorry for Evelyn who tried to do the right thing but was doomed from the start by government over regulation and self-serving, inexperienced politicians.

Re: Tipsline

To Kathy Smith ” should we also require people who prefer to speed on I-70 to have a bumper sticker that says “Potential Murderer?” The speeding and reckless driving on I-70 is out of control. Why are people more concerned about driving enviro friendly cars than driving safely?

Re: Immigrants push passage of Dream Act

Why do illegal aliens feel so entitled in this country? If American kids are not entitled to in-state tuition why the hell should someone who doesn’t belong here catch a break? Cindy

Re: Fashion Extreme

This is NOT high fashion. I would expect to see this outfit at the mall, not on the runway.

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