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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Re: Windmills, wind and hot air

I always suspected 100-percent wind power needed a rather lengthy explanation and now I see that it does. Keep your clear thinking and clarifying comments coming. The Vail Valley needs it.

Re: Eagle teen killed in car wreck

This was a truly terrible tragedy. I really feel for the family. What a total shock. This is really a wake-up call for anyone who thinks it’s OK to drink and drive. Please don’t drink and drive. Ever.

I also have to say that the police should rethink the policy of high speed pursuits.

Re: Letters to the Editor

I am a Vail local, in my thirties, and couldn’t be more excited about Kid Rock. Don’t speak for me. If you don’t like Kid Rock, then fine, don’t go. I prefer him over the boring jam/stoner bands that usually play here.

Re: Eagle teen killed in car wreck

May God comfort the amazing Brock family during this tragic time. The entire community loves and supports them.

No parent should ever have to bury their child. We are all praying for the Brocks.

Re: Housing costs force some to the streets

Want an employer to think you have a home? Get a post office box and tell them you are staying with friends while you look for your own apartment. Works every time.

No home phone? That’s what cell phones are for.

Re: TAPing into leadership

Don’t believe the hype about how resistance to TAP only comes from a bunch of bitter old “socialistic” teachers who refuse to change. It’s a damn lie.

Talk to teachers for whom TAP has made it harder to teach and spend time with their students, for whom TAP has cheapened the educational mission in the name of bonus money that never materializes, and if it does, it’s a pathetic, embarrassing sum.

Re: TAPing into leadership

Mentor teachers are invaluable; however, even these dedicated teachers may not be objective when judging a teacher for increased pay. Thus, I am against the TAP system. Colorado teacher

Re: Tipsline

Speed on I-70 is hardly “out of control.” I find that most people drive at or below the posted limit, which is 75 mph from Avon and parts west. There are even more slugs on Highway 6, where drivers are consistently 10 to 15 mph below the posted speed! These people are hazards and need to be removed from the roads.

Re: Answerland: Sno-Cats and ski patrol

Here’s a question for Vail Resorts: How much fuel does it take to run the Sno-Cats and snowmobiles that plow Vail and Beaver Creek each day? How much fuel does it take to run a gondola as compared with a high- speed quad?

Re: Suspect in fatal crash was out on bail

The judge made a grievous error by letting this guy out. He was obviously an extreme danger as exhibited by his previous record of assaulting officers, and had a long record besides that.

The justice system failed, and two amazing young kids died.

Re: Housing rules are necessary

What I do not see anywhere is the “why” for affordable housing. The presentation mentions that 30 percent of workforce lives here now and the council wants to keep it that way. It mentions loss of community, increased cost to employers, bad service levels, and increased cost of parking/transit.

Is there a counter example, a town that did nothing for affordable housing? What was the result?

Why set such a specific goal if the measurable outcome is unknown?

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