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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Re: Skatepark covered with graffiti

Tagging by gangs seems to be happening in the valley. Let’s find the scum and send them packing.

Re: About the opinions expressed here

Seatbelts are there to save lives. Use them. The two kids could be alive if they used them. I see a lot of people and kids not strapped in.

Re: Letters to the Editor

Thank you, Tom Henderson, for reminding us that winners don’t quit. Unfortunately we seem to be surrounded by far too many who are “winning impaired.”

Re: Letters to the Editor

Throughout our history responsible citizens have protested war. It’s not just our right, but our responsibility to object to war on moral or legal grounds provided our opinions are fact-based. At the same time, it’s also our responsibility to become informed and remove partisan politics from the debate.

Re: Preschoolers kicked off public bus

Good for the driver. She understands that not everyone gets a free ride. Policy is policy.

But the bottom line is, you’ve taught your preschool kids to be freeloaders and that you really don’t have to pay to use public services if you don’t want to.

Re: Preschoolers kicked off public bus

Give me a break. Do you think preschoolers really understand or care whether their preschool (or parents) have paid for bus transportation? All they know is that they got on a bus to go for a ride, and then 20 minutes later, a sheriff’s deputy made them get off before they went anywhere.

Re: You may get more room to pass truckers

Bravo!! Finally ” trucks stay right, it should be the law now. There is nothing more unsafe than to be in a car traveling at a safe speed through Dowd Canyon in a big storm than to have a trucker go blazing by covering windshields with their spray.

Re: Wisdom from the Web

Bad driving is out of control in the county. Rude drivers. Speeders. You name it. The posted speed number is a speed limit, which means the highest speed you can go in the best driving conditions.

Just because that sign shows 75 mph doesn’t mean it’s the right speed to drive if traffic is dense and the weather conditions are poor. Slow down.

Re: Wisdom from the Web

Courteous drivers yield the right of way and do not obstruct the flow of traffic or pose a hazard to their fellow drivers.

If you are incapable or unwilling to drive the posted speed limit on dry roads under a sunny sky, then you need to find another mode of transportation because you are obstructing traffic and posing a hazard to the rest of us.

Re: Get ready to walk to Wal-Mart

This is ridiculous. To start up a route and cancel it one year later. I live at Buffalo Ridge and would gladly pay a $1 to $2 fare.

Yeah, the free bus thing is great, but it obviously makes it very difficult to expand the routes.

Re: Knock before entering

Good commentary Butch. Good questions you ask. We cannot save the world ” and we will not be able to help anyone in the world if we drive ourselves financially into the ground.

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