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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Re: Doctor becomes the patient

If the good wishes of patients and friends could heal, Jack would be cured instantly. He is a wonderful human and a great physician.

Good luck and Godspeed my friend.

Re: Suburbs without a city

Everyone knows there is a housing shortage, but no one wants to have affordable housing located next to their property or on open space in their neighborhood.

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Everyone in Eagle County is entirely too concerned about their own property values.

Re: Making room for workers in Minturn

The county wants to control all development whether it is in a town or not. Eagle County needs to butt out of Minturn’s business and let them make their own decisions.

Re: Suburbs without a city

Matt, it seems like we are powerless in slowing down this accelerated, greedy, growth fever. The cost of homes and living is way out of proportion to the incomes paid to the local employees. I feel that resistance alone will not slow down this insane development surge.

George R

Re: Preschoolers kicked off public bus

That’ll teach those preschoolers not to grow up to be tax-and-spend liberals! Maybe we can find a way to take away their milk before nap time! You can never start to soon teaching kids to be compassionate conservatives.

Re: Get ready to walk to Wal-Mart

Share a ride, take a cab, buy a cheap car, walk. How come it is always the taxpayers’ fault and never an individual’s very own responsibility?

Re: Get ready to walk to Wal-Mart

Ditto! If people want the route to continue, have them pay. Don’t charge the general public shopping at Wal-Mart more money to fund a bus that most of them don’t use!

Re: Get ready to walk to Wal-Mart

I’ve got news for you. The people who use Wal-Mart and work there pay taxes too. Wal-Mart has the cheapest groceries in the upper end of the valley, and everyone should be allowed to shop there. It’s hard to make ends meet in this county as it is. And the bottom line is that people who are not as well off and rely on public busing to get their groceries also help make the county work properly.

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