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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, readers can comment on each story or editorial they read there.Here we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Local trying to get a smooth village pathMost government entities bend over backwards to follow ADA laws. My brother during his time in AmeriCorps built a curb for the blind leading to a scenic overlook. It’s an amusing story, but I can think of a lot of reasons a blind person would want to get to a great view: the sounds of winds and birds, the joy of a companion’s impressions, the smells, to feel the heat and texture of the rock. My brother sees the sense of it now. But it’s still a funny story.How can an entire town so willfully disregard national law especially when someone was knocking on their door for two years on this matter? Shame on Vail for wasting the taxpayers’ money. Shame on Vail for ignoring the ADA laws. Shame on Vail for making three times the charm.Re: Being humanSand, pebbles, rocks, and the boulders of the rivers are much like the trials and tribulations of our life. Obstacles that we must navigate around, under, over, and through. Our testimony is our witness as the rocks give the river its song. Run river run.Re: County considers building freeze OK, so first we have articles on how expensive it is to live in Eagle County and how the middle class is getting squeezed. Now we have an article that explains exactly how our elected officials are planning on making things a lot worse.Building freeze is exactly what we DO NOT need. Commissioner Tom Stone’s remarks are just the tip of the iceberg. Chasing away the people that are barely considered middle class is bad for business, bad for the county and bad for most residents except the ultra rich second-home owners who couldn’t care less about the local community, because they don’t live here.Prices on everything will skyrocket so fast, that unfreezing things after we see how screwed up things are will not fix the problem. And by everything I mean goods, services, gas, utilities etc. After all if can afford to live in a +$600 000 home, you can pay $5 for a loaf of bread and $3.50 for a gallon of fuel. Too far fetched? Just you wait …. Re: Letters to the editorHi, Mr. Le Vine. I will answer these:Are you concerned regarding the possibility that Mr. Bush manipulated the data in order to obtain support for the war in Iraq? Yes, absolutely. And why not? We almost had a complete amnesty for oil trade just before 9-11. What is different other than the public knows about the war?Do you think that this war was a mistake? I think it will go on for years and we shouldn’t be involved for years. Blow them up or get out.Are you concerned about the increase in our national debt and the fact that our kids will pay a great deal of money just to cover the interest? Constantly, but this is too high of a level of thinking for Vail and even the editor of this newspaper. Current thinking goes: “Whatever happens outside of Vail Happy Valley won’t impact us.” Yeah, right.Are you concerned about the fact that foreign countries now hold a huge share of our government’s bonds and that our interest rates and, in fact, our financial health is therefore captive to their investment policies? This is a HUGE threat to our security and country. And again, you won’t read about it in the Vial Daily – head in the sand approach here.Are you concerned with the data that clearly shows the widening financial gap between the wealthiest of us and the middle class? Oh yeah, but it won’t affect our leaders in office. They are wealthy and they just do not care. Except for Tancredo and a few others.Do you think that Congress should pass legislation that increases the minimum wage ($5.15 per hour) so that it provides decent compensation? No, I think Congress should eliminate cheating businesses and illegal untaxed workers – which suppress wages – even in their own fields, like farming, from tracked impartial data. Were you concerned by Mr. Bush’s unilateral withdrawal from the (Kyoto Protocol) agreements regarding the reduction of global warming? No. I think the grand ole USA has much bigger fish to fry right now. Are you concerned about the lack of leadership, or of any progress, towards achieving, and enforcing, a reasonable immigration policy? Yes, YES, YES, YES, yes, yes, yes and yes, in case you misunderstood me. And look no further than the Vail Daily immigration poll to confirm THAT! Are you concerned regarding the intrusion of religion into political decision making? YES, YES, YES. It belongs NOT there. More control by our government, more loss of control by the people.Are you concerned about the fact that our great country’s fine reputation has suffered throughout the world? Oh yes, but then, we are almost as corrupt as they are. Give it time. Even pond scum has risen to the top. We will float soon enough.And by the way, I USED (past-tense until I questioned what you just asked) to be a lifelong Republican. I can’t stand bleeding-heart liberals, but I also can’t stand RINOs. YAY, Tancredo, you stand up for the little Guy and follow your beliefs.Re: Letters to the editorFranklin Roosevelt: With regard to his original Social Security plan, President Roosevelt wrote that “In the important field of security for our old people, it seems necessary to adopt three principles: First, non-contributory old-age pensions for those who are now too old to build up their own insurance. It is, of course, clear that for perhaps 30 years to come, funds will have to be provided by the states and the federal government to meet these pensions. Second, compulsory contributory annuities which in time will establish a self-supporting system for those now young and for future generations. Third, voluntary contributory annuities by which individual initiative can increase the annual amounts received in old age. It is proposed that the federal government assume one-half of the cost of the old-age pension plan, which ought ultimately to be supplanted by self-supporting annuity plans.” Sound familiar? Read those last two sentences again.Re: Letters to the editorBusy bodies unite! Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together – mass hysteria! What’s this world coming to?! Good thing we don’t have anything truly important to worry about, like dubious land seizures by overzealous town governments or budget-busting county commissioners. Whew!Re: Editor’s Blog, Escape from TehuacanThe only thing speaking to Mexico – and the U.S. – is money. Not poor, but money. …www.vvdailypress.com/2005/112161306447815.htmlRe: What are we READING?www.deepseadetectives.com More on the protagonists of the “Shadow Divers” book at this site. What a book!Re: Rough goingwww.ada.gov/Enough said.Vail, Colorado

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