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Wisdom from the Web

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Re: Principal resigns from Vail Christian High

The school lucky enough to get Mr. Wong as their principal is very, very, very fortunate indeed.

Re: Principal resigns from Vail Christian High

What a shame, such a great facility, so many good teachers and great kids responding to good teachers, now the loss of a great leader, Mr. Wong. The school that gets him will indeed be lucky.

Sign me “Looking for a new school”

Participate in The Longevity Project

The Longevity Project is an annual campaign to help educate readers about what it takes to live a long, fulfilling life in our valley. This year Kevin shares his story of hope and celebration of life with his presentation Cracked, Not Broken as we explore the critical and relevant topic of mental health.

Re: Was the Prius worth it?

Is using less fossil fuels and reducing emissions into our air worth it? Of course. And your facts on the Canadian mine completely twisted. The nickel mine in Canada has been in operation for almost 50 years, with most of the pollution happening many years ago. The almost infinitesimal amount of the plant’s output that goes into the Prius is dwarfed by that used in batteries used in other portable electronic devices (e.g., cell phones and laptop computers).

Re: Man still critical after shuttle crash

The Daily should keep following this story. I once had a very frightening ride to DIA on Mountain Express. The driver was an inexperienced young girl from Down Under and had already made one trip that day when her boss coaxed her into making a second trip in white-out conditions. Colowoodsman

Re: Ginn studies at odds

While I agree with you that the county is way off base here (as they are on so many development projects now), did anyone ever think Beaver Creek would become such a madhouse of a resort? Wasn’t it initially planned to be exclusive and small? No one ever saw Vail Resorts on the horizon.

Can we truly believe that Ginn will never be expanded for more public access if the private club/resort model turns out to be a turkey?

Re: Wisdom from the Web

Regarding the bus to Wal-Mart, even in socialist countries in Europe public transportation is not free. In the socialist county of Eagle it should not be free either. Just because cheap groceries are sold at a place doesn’t mean the transportation there should be free.

Re: Pro-growth group launched in Eagle

The question I have is this: why do people who move here from urban areas feel so inclined to make this area urban? If you like growth and urbanization, feel free to move back to Long Island or Dallas.

Re: End of the Old West?

A western theme project located in east Eagle with residential, some western commercial and a ton of riding trails and open space is so much more appealing than yet another mall with yet another big box or two. It would also set Eagle apart from other towns. And maybe even the proponents of Eagle River Station would buy into this concept if some decent sales tax dollars could be captured.

Re: Cheap hotel rooms disappearing in Vail

I would much rather spend $100 to $150 on a room and then have money to spend on dining and activities then spending $350 per night on a room.

I will drive the two hours back to Denver before I spend $350-plus on a room, or I will ski and stay elsewhere.

Re: Pro-growth group launched in Eagle

You have to understand that anyone who moves to Eagle from the city would think this is nirvana, and they would be right. There are back to back malls and strip centers all equating to suburban and urban sprawl all over the U.S. and certainly where Mr. Schmidt and Mr. Willoughby came from. So what’s a million square feet of the same to these guys?

Re: Nothing’s cheap in Vail

I visit friends in Vail almost every year since my wife and I moved from the valley and am disappointed in the number of locally owned business closing and the giants move in. The loss of the Roost Lodge is just one more sad loss to the big corporate companies.

Re: BattleQuest 5 lights up Dobson Arena

Apparently Ian Cropp was not at the same fight at Dobson Arena that I was or simply cannot be objective when writing a story. By reviewing my video, I counted at least 18 punches that landed on Harvey by Henley before the fight was called.

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