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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Re: Scary side to home rule

Wow, an honest developer warning the people how scary home rule is. He stands to gain from this new proposal, yet he is telling the truth and actually sites state law to back it up. How refreshing. We’d have to be crazy to allow home rule to pass.

Thank you Mr. Hassan for your honesty and putting the citizens of this county before your own needs. I would love to meet you some day.

Re: Scary side to home rule

All I see are the same few speaking in support of home rule, and they never address counter arguments directly. Vote no on home rule ” again.

Re: Cheap hotel rooms disappearing in Vail

We have enjoyed staying at the Roost over the years and will miss her. I bet we drop $500 between dinner and Kid Rock! (No cheapskates here) Just glad we got the room for under $100.

Re: Sewing for statesmen and celebrities

This is Tiffany Martin of Eagle-Vail. Ruth is my grandmother, and I wanted to thank Edward Stoner for the nice article and let people know that she definitely is not retiring. As the article notes, my grandmother has the energy of a 40-year-old and will continue to operate out of her home in Gypsum.

I encourage all of her faithful customers to help her keep the Stitchery alive.

Re: Workforce shrinking, jobs increasing

Boy, it’s really an excellent problem for everyone that the workforce is shrinking yet jobs are increasing. Capitalism and free market forces working their magic.

Re: A serious drinking problem

This article cracks me up. A guy gets beer poured on him and it’s some giant, crazy oh-my-God thing. That is nothing compared to two guys charging the field and actually physically assaulting someone.

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