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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
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Re: Letters to the Editor

Regarding Julia Denault Parker’s letter to the editor regarding “Keeping Eagle small”: I confess to the cardinal sin of not having been born in Eagle. Apparently she and the other natives or semi-natives feel that their long-term resident status entitles them to more than one vote on the future of Eagle. It does not.

Enough of this fiddling around, let’s put the Eagle River Station to a vote of the town.

Re: Letters to the Editor


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Your letter to the editor about home rule makes it sound like you speak for Eagle County Republicans.

Let’s be honest, you’re pretty much speaking for you, Tom Stone, Pete Buckley, Michael Cacioppo and Randy Milhoan …

So, Randy, you went ahead and signed your letter with your party title anyway with the intent to mislead the public that this is the official party line. It’s this kind of arrogance that has alienated most Republicans from the Eagle County party, dried up your funding sources and caused the party to fail miserably in recent county elections.

Re: Letters to the Editor

Has anyone considered investigating why those in power are such strong advocates for home rule?

Could it be that these pro-home rulers simply want to eliminate all state-level constraints on their power?

Re: Election reeks of red herring

The actual newspaper said, “Did you know Weld County, under a home rule charter, pays its commissioners nothing?” Your fibs about home rule cheapen the vote, Don. I understand that newsies can make errors, but it is hard for you to say that you were misquoted when your words actually appeared in the paper. Let’s try to get it right in the future. Or is that just too much to ask?

Tom Stone for the truth in editors board

Re: Speeders: Beware of troopers’ traps

If you want to make our roads safer, first bring back safety inspections, bring back driver’s ed, and most importantly, outlaw all-season tires on Colorado roads. Having pavement would help too, our roads in Colorado are Third World at best!

Re: Keep I-70 clogged

I can’t remember the last time I read a column by this person. Usually, his columns are just plain boring, so I rarely get past the headline. But this time, the headline was so absurd, I scanned the column to see if he was just joking. He isn’t. He obviously knows nothing about public safety!

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