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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Re: CME driver charged

Will there be any charges filed against the CDOT idiots who parked a truck in the middle of the road? If the van driver didn’t hit that truck I’m sure someone else’s would have.

Diverting traffic with orange traffic cones would have been a much safer thing to do with a police car parked on the side of the road (not in the traffic lane) with it’s roof-mounted lights flashing. Tom Clancy

Re: When did Vail allow snowboarders?

Are we still in the dark ages of snowsports? The majority of comments on this article have been anti-boarder. I’ve heard the horror stories of snowboarders being reckless and pushing all the good snow off the hill. Usually told to me by some touristy folk or some one with second, third, and fourth homes in Eagle County.

Re: A two-hour walk home from Wal-Mart

ECO Transit still stops at Wal-Mart, and Avon Transit stops elsewhere on the ECO route. Two plus two equals a bus transfer. This just means you might have to pony up the $60 a month for your own ECO pass and wait no longer than 20 extra minutes between buses. It doesn’t mean you have to walk to work.

Re: Home rule

Your naive assessment of the home rule charter’s potentially damaging consequences demonstrates the superficial nature of most reporting and analysis done by your newspaper.

Giving codified powers to the unelected county administrator only reinforces the power which you so adamantly opposed in former County Administrator Jack Ingstad. Asma

Re: To catch a speeder

Don, I sure would like to see some hard evidence that citing speeders saves lives. I think not. It would have to be an immense and long study, by the way. And not be funded by government and insurance companies.

So, fat chance there will ever be unbiased science on this subject. NeoLibCon

Re: Early childhood funding

The early childhood vote was unanimous, 3-0. Two more commissioners, even if they voted no, would still a 3-2 in favor. It wouldn’t have changed under home rule, and budget decisions cannot be put to a vote of the people under home rule either. Home rule doesn’t do squat. EagleEye

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