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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, are excerpts of those comments:Re: He’s already thereTouching, so well written and so true! We miss Daryle dearly – his smile, wit, sense of humor and flannel, too! He was a Mild to Wild family member and as we have gotten to know his wife, Angie, we know why he chose her. She is just as special! And as we have gotten to know his parents, Nancy and Bogie, we know why he was the way he was! Molly MickelRe: Editor’s Blog: Escape from TehuacanWRING WRONG WRONG. Do your homework before engaging your fingers. Mexico is NOT poor. Mexicans pay very little taxes, which pay in turn for very little services, such as water, roads, schools, and welfare, too!There are factually 155 poorer countries than Mexico. They do not share a border with us. Do we send for their citizens by boat or plane so they too can enter the U.S. illegally and have a chance at a better life? Or are they destined to remain poorer than Mexico simply because of proximity? …Perhaps Mexico would be better off sealing her U.S.-Mexican border the way she seals her southern borders – by gunpoint. Has this rep traveled much in Mexico? I have. …Re: Wisdom from the WebRegarding “Classical nightmare” in Tipsline: Is the person joking? The grass was WET? Heavens. Did they think it was a fake outdoor concert? What if it RAINED? Or lightning struck? Would they be up in arms that Beaver Creek failed to control that? Pull it together, it was an OUTDOOR concert. Bring a blanket next time. Was the sun too strong, too? Stay inside and listen to the radio, you big complainer. It was a FREE show, supposed to be fun.Re: Dahl and Burton … soul mates?When the credits start to roll one of the first things listed is that the Oompa Loompa’s songs are indeed written by Roald Dahl and therefore are the original lyrics. The movie was brilliantly done and is a gem for fans of the book.Re: Letters to the editorCarole’s prize: This list of terrorists captured or killed as of October 2004 is by no means complete, but I am still certain it will do little to silence the whiners and detractors here at home. Terrorist scorecard:www.angelfire.com/ultra/terroristscorecardwww.defenselink.mil/news/Apr2003/pipc10042003.html… Try getting your news from sources other than exposed liars such as Newsweak and “See BS”…Re: Editor’s Blog, Just like the ItaliansGREELEY is much smarter than you are. They see, and they write the truth about it. You are blinded by one-sidedness and you remain ignorant. Embarrassing for a journalist, isn’t it, being ignorant of the facts? http://www.greeleytrib.com/article/20050724/NEWS/107240043 “Mexican immigrants assimilate differently than Europeans did”Re: Ginn Company hires Vail Daily reporterCliff Thompson has done more to insure open, honest and accountable local government than any other person in this county. His independent and thoughtful insight will be missed.Congratulations and good luck.Re: Editor’s Blog, Just like the Italians Re “Italians FLOCKING here during the 1800s …” To quote you: “When Irish, Italians, Jews and other Europeans flocked to the United States in the late 1800s. …” Funny, this is the grand total of the “flocked Italians” you speak of: “Only 15,000 Italians per year were admitted” during that time per the population executive study. The 1800s allowed a total of 15 million immigrants to enter the U.S. We have more than that in a period of 20 years. Per Senators McCain and Kolbe of Arizona, over 50,000 illegal aliens a MONTH cross illegally here via Mexico….. Are you a product of a illegal alien family history? Birds of a feather do indeed flock together – which would explain why you openly advocate for lawbreakers because your ancestors opening broke the law here. Re: Editor’s Blog, Just like the ItaliansWe have NEVER secured our borders, only play-acted at it. Ronald Reagan and American citizens were completely misled about the one-time-only amnesty of 1986. No additional border security was enacted, although it was promised. We have had 7 full amnesties to date. And with each amnesty granted, the numbers entering our country illegally each day has grown. … Their children will NOT assimilate. In fact, it is the reverse. We are assimilating to them! …Re: Wishes for Vail vary with longevityPatrick Cassidy is correct in saying “you can’t stop people from coming.” However, this rule doesn’t apply to Mother Nature and available water supplies. The severe drought a few years back should have been a wake-up call. Our new residents flocking here from the water-rich East and Midwest must understand that the majority of Eagle County is semi-arid desert. It may not happen for another generation, but eventually new development will be limited by water supply.Re: He’s already thereWriting this helped me to deal with the loss and I hope it will help others. It will be read at the the Vail Ski School tree planting at Golden Peak Base area for Daryl on Sunday, July 31. Jeff Kochj-ckoch@msn.comVail, Colorado

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