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Re: Home rule

With five commissioners, secret and legal closed-door meetings could occur. Say you have commissioners A, B, C, D, and E. A meets with B and convinces B to support A’s agenda. Then A meets with C and A gets C to support the measure. A then tells B they have the three votes needed to approve the measure. So, in essence, the measure is approved before the public even knows what the measure is.

This would not be legal with three commissioners.


Re: Why Traer Creek should pay

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I thought the way the Avon Town Council treated those residents at the council meeting was pretty nasty. Those pressing the council were right. The bus service should serve the entire town. I ride the bus and the numbers the town has thrown around about the cost of having a stop a Buffalo Ridge and Wal-Mart just do not pencil out. If the town believes that adding these stops would “bankrupt the town,” according to Ron Wolfe, I would guess it would bankrupt the Traer Creek Metro District as well.


Re: Why Traer Creek should pay

For the town to begin bus service to these people and then take it away is unconscionable. People made decisions to live there based on the bus service.

It is very clear that the council is in dispute with the developer over many issues, but to use your town’s poorest residents as a pawn in your battle is despicable.


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