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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Re: Avon bus service

I’m lazy. I can afford to be because I know people will give me stuff. Like free transportation. It’s something I am entitled to. And free diamonds and gold.

And oh yeah, daycare for my rugrats, I am entitled to that, too!


re: Avon bus service

When I walk up the recreation path to Buffalo Ridge, I have to get up on the road and walk head into the traffic in order to get to my building because there’s no access to my building. Drivers don’t see you at night when they’re comming around that bend westbound before building 9.


Re: Gun control

I am so tired of people who do not believe in the right of self-defense. I don’t care that Markian Feduschak has never “felt” that his gun rights were threatened by hand gun control proposals. This is just another endorsement of “gun-free” killing zones.

Feduschak is so naive!

And, why does most of the liberal press refuse to print the times that good people carrying guns saved others from bad people? Answer: because it doesn’t fit their agenda to show how good people actually have the brains and ability to defend themselves and others!


Re: Ginn Co. and Minturn

Ginnturnites are getting hypnotized by the dangling golden carrots.

Has anyone thought about how fast Vail Resorts absorbed Arrowhead? It just seems curious that VR has had nothing to say about Ginn’s development. Let good boy Ginn do all the foot work while Minturn cheers him on! Could VR’s dreams of Minturn access and gondolas come true after they absorb Ginn’s development?


Re: Better off not working?

This has been a problem forever. There needs to be a graduated scale for benefits based on income rather than a specific starting point which causes this very real situation.

Tom Clancy

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