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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

re: Why Avon should pay

A million dollars is a long way from being bankrupt. Spend some of that money on bus service. Don’t build more housing when you can’t support the affordable housing you already have.


re: Film of skiers on 14ers broke rules

Chris Davenport, a real legend in his own mind.


re: Potentially habitable planet found

Looking into the possibility of life on other planets could help us better understand our own planet and it’s future.


Re: Home rule

With all due respect to Don Cohen, I believe it was the proponents of the home rule team that set up a Web site to defame and demean every major opponent of home rule. I also believe it was Tom Edwards who wrote an article in our good Vail Daily that focused more on criticizing the credentials of home rule opponents, like myself, rather than defending the intellectual points of the home rule charter. We (opposition team against home rule) don’t have mud on our hands.

Muhammad Ali Hasan

Re: World Championships in Vail

Please have the Slalom and GS in Vail, not at that miserable Beaver Creek location. People can enjoy Vail; at Beaver Creek its like going to some rendition of a ski village.


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