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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Re: Alleged victim has sued Vail Resorts

This is just another example of what is wrong with this country. Everyone wants money and no one wants to work for it. Why are they suing Vail Resorts for $100,000? Vail Resorts is not responsible for the after-hours behavior of its ski instructors or their students.


Re: Language gap means achievement gap

They should taught in English as soon as possible, not in Spanish! Try moving to Germany and seeing if they offer English or Spanish language classes in their public schools. If someone emmigrates, they should learn the language of the host country and assimilate, not expect the host country to accommodate them.


Re: The I-70 Do-Nothing plan

A no-action alternative that makes the best use of travel demand strategies to spread peak period demand throughout the week is the most effective solution … Crowding at the resorts will then function as the trip governor, just as congestion does today and will drive people away from peak periods. The funds spent to widen the highway will be a complete waste, except for any safety improvements that might be incorporated.

The only economic gain will be for the highway contractors and engineering firms that will be paid billions to widen the highway, while the rest of the corridor suffers during construction.


Re: Language gap means achievement gap

Our children are being short-changed and indirectly blamed for poor performance.

The district wants us to believe that somehow all these Spanish speaking kids show up in third grade, when in reality many have been with the district since kindergarten and with systematic, explicit instruction should be able to score at a proficient level on the CSAP. Pueblo City School District has proved it is possible to educate low-income and second-language kids. Compare the scores in third-grade reading: advanced: 6 percent to our 3 percent; proficient: 74 percent to our 60 percent: partially proficient: 17 percent to our 25 percent, and unsatisfactory: 4 percent to our 12 percent. Explain away.


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