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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Vail Daily staff

Vail Daily, Vail Colorado COOn the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Davenport has my full support and admirationChris Davenport has completed a phenomenal achievement that is not likely to be replicated very soon or often. It is unfortunate that a special permit was not sought out prior to filming. I for one would thoroughly enjoy the vicarious experience of his journey through film. This bureaucratic denial by the Forest Service is small-minded and arrogant. What the Forest Service allows in non-wilderness areas is far more devastating to the overall forests it supposedly serves. Commercial logging, cattle grazing, oil and gas exploration are few that come to mind. Come on, Forest Service bureaucrats. Get some perspective and let’s celebrate a positive use of the wilderness.Powder Animal Meth’s a medical problemIt’s about time we started treating methamphetamine as a medication with benefits and risks, appropriate and inappropriate uses. If we ever get get a science based drug policy in this country, many more benefits of existing drugs are likely – not to mention lower costs. Many social problems will be mitigated. How many people are in our overcrowded jails for “drug offenses?” How many terrorists are financially supported by U.S.-maintained price supports for illegal drugs? What makes politicians fear being labeled “soft on drugs”? Anything that suggests our drug policies and attitudes are rational such as the suspensions described in Paul Shockley’s article “Drug fliers get boys suspended.” How many kids get suspended for distributing fliers promoting in the same manner but for more socially approved causes – church bake sales, after-class tutoring, etc.? Bill1956 Just the startThis is just the beginning of great and terrible conflicts between Americans and Mexicans. They refuse to assimilate and claim our country as theirs. What do you think’s going to happen? NeoLibConKrasnaya PolamaI really liked your article. I met my wife in Sochi and she took me to Kransaya Polama in 2001. It’s a gorgeous place and so unique with the beaches so close by. One can revel in how Russians live. There’s much to do there and Sochi is such a class city. However, I did not like your comments about Putin. It sounds like you believe the biased journalism coming out of The Washington Post and the likes of ignorant congressmen and our foreign policy people. …First, the U.S. needs to butt out and quit pushing Russia into a corner. This does absolutely no good! Second, you must understand that Russia consists of thousands of ethnic groups that are not Russian, and 60 percent of which are Muslim. Last, within Russia herself lay scores of independent states (run by themselves), especially those out in the east. My wife is Bashkir. Her state is Bashkortostan which, if it wanted to, could become a sovereign country. The reason Putin removed some of the election processes at the higher level is because he wants to maintain their allegiance to Russia. And why not? Why should we want to divide up Russia? … We want a divided, small and weak Russia so we can continue our belligerent, bellicose and arrogant foreign policy (or haven’ you heard about the secret document, “America in the 21st Century”?). … What bothers me is you tainted your fabulous article of Mr. McCarthy with a bad impression of Russia and its great president, Putin. Loved by 80 percent of Russia’s people, don’t you think the Russians know whom to elect? John Sladky, graduate, U.S. Military Academy

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