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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, readers can comment on each story or editorial they read there.Here are excerpts of those comments:Re: Trek to home rule beginsWait and see. The home rule committee will be dominated by Runyon and his anti-growth followers and commissioner wannabe’s. Eagle County needs to wake up and stop this home rule thing that will 1) Cost too much 2) Not gain anything and 3) Give more power to the government. Who in their right mind thinks we need more politicians to waste our money anyway? What we need are politicians who are willing to work harder for the money we pay them. All Menconi does is find more ways to give money to SOS.Re: Here’s some really valuable swamplandJust what Community Concepts needs in order to develop the wetlands in Edwards! Maybe Harry Frampton, et al, can learn something from this article. After all, it’s him and the Vail Valley Foundation that keep claiming those wetlands can never be developed!Re: Editor’s Blog, Just like the ItaliansShe said, he said. I say Mexican immigrants outnumbered all other overseas immigrants because we’re right here. Are Mexicans supposed to stay in a fraction of a city to be able to speak their own language without arguments, like China Town, or Little Italy. It’s only “land of the free” when YOU say so? America makes more money from under average wages being paid to illegals than it loses on “illegals freeloading off of American tax dollars.”Re: Are the ways of the West waning?”Newcomers”? Surely, you can be more creative with your insults! Here in Bisbee, “carpetbaggers” is what we call these Johnny-come-lately scoundrels who have moved in intent on stealing our town away from us. We expect they will soon move on, but not until they have down their level best to bankrupt this town. Jeff HarrisRe: New Traer Creek Plaza building Can you show me another building that is going for LEEDS certification in our county? Can you show me a commercial building that is more innovative?Vail, Colorado

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