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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

TAP’s the issue

Today, the Eagle County School District Web site lists 75 positions open for teachers. That is 50 more than you claim. It is also expensive to live in Summit County and they are looking for 43 teachers while Roaring Fork (Glenwood-Carbondale) will be hiring 30 new teachers.

Something else is driving our teachers out of the valley. Maybe another article that TAPS into this issue is an order. anonymous123

Beware of absinthe

Now that the word is out that this plant can make you hallucinate, every wanna-be-stupid kid will be out looking for it. I wonder how many now will end up in the hospital. knothead

Vonnegut’s legacy

Authors come and go, but it is the words that they leave that will be remembered … or forgotten. Time will tell. Shema

Defending funding

If you really read the plan the commissioners passed, it is much, much more than just “developing the talents and self-esteem of our children.”

It includes providing health and dental care for kids who have none, helping working parents and single moms with quality child care, preventing child abuse, and helping kids with developmental disabilities and special needs.

Please don’t cheapen the issue by using the standard catch phrases like “nanny tax,” “baby sitting tax,” and “developing the talents and self-esteem of our children.”


Same old rhetoric

Please don’t give me that “Saddam was a brutal dictator killing his own people” crap.

If that was a justification there are many more countries worthy of our invasion than Iraq. Talk about tired old phrases.

What about “cut and run?” There is nothing wrong with walking away from a fight that you started and had no business being in to begin with. bigdaveshow07

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