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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Those lefties

I can’t believe it! Gun control is a loser issue but the first thing a Democritter does when then get into office is push for more gun control.

I for one am not happy with this since I have a Utah permit and I have to apply for a Colorado permit that may land my name on a list of criminals. I am not a criminal so this chills my blood to be thrown in with them, because I care about my life and want to be able to protect it. dlman

Sell outs

Tom Tancredo is right on. Salazar is selling out American workers/taxpayers in favor of illegal Hispanics. Is this racism, treason or what? colowoodsman

You’ve got it wrong

Matt writes, “Consider all the troops who have died to enrich Halliburton and other mega-contractors in Iraq.”

Do you really think that the war was started to give contractors jobs in Iraq? You are a sick unit. zuzu

It’s a local issue

We need to address illegal immigration costs locally ” the feds are disinterested.

Arn is very vocally pro-illegal. We aren’t! We being the public he is (supposed to) represent, that is. hm123

Not the Sheriff’s fault

On the other hand, people should discern for themselves to whom they give their money. Don’t give any donations unless you personally know the cause.

It’s more of a scam than a crime. The Sheriff’s Office shouldn’t have to look out for people’s stupidity. Shema

Not a real Republican

Don, you claim to be a Republican ” only saw you at one Republican event in the last 10 years. Wow, you’re some kind of Republican! Why would anybody trust your judgement? You have no actual knowledge to base your columns on, just hearsay.

As to your allegation of so-called “Mean Girls,” when Henri Stone was chairman, she helped win many races. Liberals like you hated her for doing her job. You just want Republicans to be Democrat-light. WorstNightmare

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