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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

He’s no Clinton

Bush is a liar and an idiot. If this Congress had any guts the president would be up for impeachment and facing jail time.

Clinton lied about a sex act in the White House but it didn’t cost us over 3,000 young lives. bigdaveshow07

Call it what it is

The Z-visa is instant amnesty, period. The $5,000 fines will never get paid.

Illegals will continue to drive down wages and steal jobs from American worker/taxpayers. The rich will continue to get richer from these low-wage workers and America will become a two-class society just like Mexico. colowoodsman

Don’t get it

As a resident of Pennsylvania, I could previously carry a concealed weapon in Colorado because I possess a license from the State of Florida.

Now, that’s out, even though the requirements are the same to get a license for both residents and non-residents.

This really reflects poorly on the new Democratic leadership in Colorado. This is designed to stick it to lawful gun owners, pure and simple. Criminals don’t bother to obtain licenses before committing crimes. I would have thought that was obvious by now. Sebby

Front Range entertainment

What a great summer line-up! Looks like Vail has once again dropped the ball. We locals will be spending our time out of town again this year. yada

Wish I made as much

A beginning teacher (making about $35,500) works eight hours per day for approximately 180 days. That starting salary works out to $25 per hour.

The average teacher salary, however, works out to $31 per hour. This is not including insurance benefits or retirement benefits, which would elevate the hourly rate. The numbers look not as dire when ones figures the hourly rate.

I wish I earned as much. anonymous123

No to housing subsidies

Why was the bill requiring developers to subsidize low-income housing passed AFTER Vail Resorts, the biggest employer in the town, had already built the Arrabelle?

It looks like a back room deal at its cynical worst. chuck222

Remembering the big brother

You went home to be with our father over a week ago and I am just finding out right now. My heart aches for everyone because you were the best of the best. I love you big brother.

I looked up to you with a respect that was well deserved. When you were around I knew what family felt like.

Forever your l’il sis, Ree Ree. Martinez71

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