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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

School lunches

If one can’t ensure that some schools serve a whole hamburger versus some schools that serve half of a hamburger to the same-age students, how does one ensure that healthy cooking practices are followed at each school?

They also heat their food in plastic ” that is a big carcinogenic according to the USDA, you know. hm123

Who needs ’em?

What happens if only a few families live here? Will the world stop spinning? It’s a fantasy, and the council members that keep repeating it better come up with a reason why we need families here. eastvail

Socialist wishes

The government is obligated to subsidize my housing costs. And my food costs, for that matter. And hey, also my gasoline. And my kid’s braces. And haircuts. And I want gold fixtures in my socialist bathroom. Repetance

Cooking tips

I use a thermometer to grill salmon. A recipe that I use calls for cooking the fish to an internal temperature of 128 degrees. It works every time. gatorboy

Gas saving tips

Excellent advice, especially the part about SLOWING DOWN. Not only will it save gas, but it will save lives as well. It’s so sad that only when many drivers feel the pinch in their wallets do they slow down. Saving lives is important, too. Syrah P.

Free buses

Why is it that counties on either side of Eagle offer 100 percent free buses all over their counties? Yet Eagle County charges $50-$60 a month for an all-you-can-ride pass, or $3 one way? Does anyone else find this absurd?

Why must I spend my hard-earned money to get around our fair county? Nvrsummer5

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