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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Why are they leaving?

Most of the paid positions mentioned in this article command salaries close to six figures, if not in six figures, with retirement and health insurance on top of that.

Something is amiss that so many executives are leaving at once and that two of them are defecting to Summit County (not counting Millie Hamner, the current superintendent of Summit County. She spent most of her career here). anonymous123

Cleaner clothes, cleaner behavior

As a parent of elementary school children still enrolled in the public schools, I would support this and buy uniforms for my own children. The sagging thing has gotten out of control. Those of you who do it, take pictures so you can show your own children how stupid you looked in 2007. huskies

How can you trust the government?

The feds say they will secure the border in 18 months. They’ve had five years since Sept. 11 to secure the border, and they allowed five million illegal aliens to sneak into the U.S.

How can we believe they will now secure the border in 18 months? chuck222

Hard to believe

You say two-thirds of Americans support the immigration bill? I’m finding that very hard to believe. If so, it’s because most of those Americans polled have no understanding of exactly what’s going on here. Most Americans I talk to about illegal immigration are uninformed and believe that anyone can enter this country legally by simply filling out the paper work and applying for a visa or green card, which is not the case. Tom Clancy

You’re a sore winner

While I didn’t vote for home rule, it wasn’t for any of Hasan’s nutty reasons.

He must have very thin skin to be complaining, weeks later, about the opposition when he was on the winning side! I doubt if he’s ever even met his “good friends” that he talks about in his letter. Talk about being a sore winner.

As much as I can tell, Hasan’s one of this nasty cluster of Republicans who prefer to attack other Republicans who don’t agree with them. The Democrats must be loving this! minmile

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