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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Disgusting rents

It’s rather disgusting to see the way some people need to charge $1,900-$2,100 a month for a two-bedroom Liftview/Sunridge unit. The people who demand first, last and a security deposit should be ashamed. I hope that anyone who would rent that shack and pay over $5,000 in deposits will find a place of their own, leaving you to wallow in debt with no renter to rape. yada

It’s common sense

As the very thoughtful pastor of St. James Lutheran Church in Mason City, Iowa once told me, “I’ll agree to the teaching of the gospel in schools right after they give me the right to teach geometry in church.” bigdaveshow07

Average or median?

Don Cohen, you have done this before and again I ask: Why do you use average prices versus median income? Whenever I see this (you are not the only one), I assume the author finds an “apples to apples” comparison does not produce numbers that are dramatic enough.

There can be a huge difference between the average and the median for the same set of figures. Last time you did it, you said it was an oversight. You are the director of an economic council and should know better. truthbytes

Do your homework, Ryan Sutter

From National Review: (among others) “Although Exxon got big headlines for earning $9.92 billion in the third quarter, few analysts bothered to note that this only came to 9.8 cents per dollar of sales.” ” well below that of many other companies. For example, Citigroup and Microsoft each made 33.2 percent profit.

Among other major companies that each made at least twice as much as Exxon in percentage terms are Bank of America, Merck, Google, Eli Lilly, Coca Cola, Intel, and Yahoo. hm123

Scam was wrong

If something is morally wrong, well that’s more imporant than whether it’s illegal. Duh. Maybe the courts won’t judge you in this life, but Satan sure will in the next!

Praise the Lawrd! Repetance

Avon’s housing problem

Good story but there’s more to it. What’s different about the housing problem now is that it’s not just a Vail problem anymore. Here in Minturn, in Avon and even further down the valley, it’s getting tough to find affordable housing too. minmile

Maybe she didn’t know

Did the police send or handout flyers to every Vail home? If not, then ticketing an 83-year old woman who didn’t know about the new law seems harsh! WorstNightmare

Kids need discipline

What has failed our children is the way they are raised. Nobody hits their kids for fear of being branded abusive, and every loser kid gets a trophy just for participating. … We are just starting to see the enormous consequences of raising children without authoritarian discipline. God is not necessary to have a healthy fear and respect of/for authority. NeoLibCon

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