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Wisdom from the Web

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Do it for the kids

All the more reason to build more bike paths for safety. In Summit County we have so many bike paths that no biker needs to ride in the road unless they choose to. Tom Clancy

Can’t have it both ways

For religious reasons, eHarmony can choose to not condone or promote homosexuality. This is a frivolous lawsuit that, I only hope, will cost the plaintiff a bundle in legal fees.

What happened to the liberals’ mantra, the false allegation of “separation of church and state?” WorstNightmare

Water consumption

We need to look at our state population, what has changed, where it changed, when it changed, why people are moving here as well as where are these new residents coming from … and then address water issues that are related to these two following factors: First being drought areas within the state itself (throughout the decades here) and second being “sustainable growth” as it relates to water availability and usage … because failing to look back before we look ahead will solve nothing. hm123

Our “cousins”

If you put five chimps in a room with five typewriters for five years what do you have at the end of the experiment? You probably have five typewriters that have been beaten to hell. But what you will not have is a single complete sentence. This is from our closest evolutionary relative. Can evolution alone account for the extraordinary capability of the human mind? dcnoble

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