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Mourning State Bridge

How saddened the surrounding community feels by losing such a friendly, honest, and welcoming establishment. Many people took the drive up to the fire site on Saturday to pay respects or to get a feel for the loss.

The community is also so very thankful to the Greater Eagle Fire Department and all the other fire departments who worked diligently to save the cabins, the yurts, the little house next door, and the surrounding wilderness. Thank you to all who gave their time and energy on Saturday …You are all much appreciated.


Have the ride of your life

As someone who was on the verge of taking diabetic medication, I’m really thankful that a very kind soul told me about Transfer Factor from 4Life Research. Now, as a TF consumer, I’m very happy to say that my health in general is excellent and as a weekend cyclist myself, I wish I could be there to support you, Kerry.

Patrick CP Ong

Somebody had to say it

Why didn’t the “natural born psychic” see it coming?

The Town of Vail should be embarrassed having this woo-woo nonsense within their borders. If anyone, anywhere, at any time, could prove the existence of anything at all supernatural, the world would listen, but as of the last few hundred thousand years nary a peep of proof has ever been heard.


State Bridge vacations

So sorry to hear about State Bridge burning down. My brother Mark called me Sunday to tell me the bad news. Mark first took me to State Bridge way back in the summer of 1995. I saw Meryl Saunders and we camped out up the road. I made it a point to make it out to State Bridge everytime I went out to Vail for my summer vacation. I’ve spent many Sunday afternoons on that deck listening to some great music and drinking some cold ones with some of the best people I’ve ever had the pleasure of being around.


Training on the road

Many riders on the highways ride the highways because they’re “in training” and don’t want to have to interrupt their pace or heart rate. The recreational trails in Eagle County aren’t set up for high-speed riding. There are too many street crossings, stop signs and pedestrians. Even on a mountain bike, I can ride fast enough to be a danger to others on the paths. … The day that a cyclist piles into a child is going to be a long, sad day for more than just the three parties involved…


What a loss

There are many memories I have of State Bridge going back to when I first moved to the valley in 1978. I am glad to know they will be rebuilding. It is a true Eagle County treasure, historically and contemporary.


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