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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, are excerpts of those comments:Re: Editor’s Blog, Just like the ItaliansSpeaking for myself, my family migrated from nowhere. My family tree dates back to when California and Texas were part of Mexico. Americans seem to have a bigger problem with fingers in their ears than a Mexican family in denial of taking money from an American families. A man had a dream of a country “from sea to shining sea.” But it’s another country’s land. Yeah, but who cares? Take them to war and it’s all ours, right? This pattern seams to happen a lot with the way America sees life. Hiroshima was wiped out and now the word is “we want peace, but give up all weapons of mass destruction. Africans were chained up and brought to a land to be enslaved. After awhile African Americans are the ones that went through the worst of racial violence and discrimination. All because they were brought here against their will. This pattern worked its way through the years, just into different situations. All Mexicans are welcome as long as you work your fingers to the bone. …My family consists of Anglo and Hispanic now. More Hispanics from both sides of the border. They are damned if their children are going to be locked up and dragged across a border to a land that is now foreign to them. This happened to my great, great-grandparents. They were picked up on the streets of California, thrown into a box cart and shipped to a land they had never seen. Thank the lord they returned safely, only to be called “wetbacks.” These problems are not going to be solved by dragging people away. It’s not going to be all peaches and cream. This is a situation that now has to be worked with, not “dealt” with.Re: Tancredo talks fatwaSlowly sawing off heads of people and bombing innocent women and children is a whole lot better. I couldn’t agree more with you – NOT…. We living in Colorado do not find Tancredo to be an embarrassment. On the contrary, we find him to be a patriot. If bombing innocent Christian and Catholic civilians speaks the loudest to us, then I suppose bombing mosques will speak the loudest to the Muslim terrorists whose very reason for killing families is based on their faith.An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. That is biblical, and I believe fully in the principle. Long live Tom Tancredo and may God bless him.Re: Tensions simmers in Hispanic communityI just read your article “Tensions simmer in Hispanic community”! I didn’t know about the conflicts between recent immigrants, and the descendants of previous immigrants. But it’s ironic that all non-Hispanics were referred to as “the inability of some in the Anglo culture to differentiate” in the fourth paragraph, which shows that the tendency to lump cultures or physical attributes goes both ways! I try not to discriminate in any way, be it skin color, income, or ethnic background. But I received reverse discrimination from Hispanics, African-Americans, American Indians, and Asians. It’s all very interesting and in some ways how we all like to set ourselves up as being better than someone else when we get the chance. …Re: Letters to the editor – Grammar lessonMr. Conway, if you could post an example of such misuse, it would be greatly appreciated. Evan Gibbard Copy Editor Vail DailyRe: Royal Opera says Vilar in breach of pledgeAlberto Vilar’s oil portrait that once was displayed in the lobby of the Vilar Center in Beaver Creek has been removed for some time now. No one seems to be able to explain why. Does this presage the removal of his name from the performing arts center itself?Re: Vail Street Beat shows to changeI understand business from the concerts may not even exist, but have you researched possibly carrying the CDs or tapes for sale that the band is selling during their show? During the shows I have attended, they are always trying to sell the recorded music. If you could somehow work out a sales agreement with the band, possibly, you may pick up a few sales if you played the bands music the week before they performed to gain some interest. Just a few suggestions.Vail, Colorado

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