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Business concerns

Why would anyone want to make the delivery of goods more difficult?

It’s obvious that there are no business owners on the city council. Everything is working just fine with trucks getting in, dropping off their loads, and leaving.

Jon Silver

You’re coming around


Your final sentence, “But taxpayer dollars should be used to get people in the door, not to get them into a dream home” shows you are coming around to the real horrors of “government assistance.”

All socialistic trends end up with the “public” taking advantage of the assistance offered. It always happens, and always will. That’s not cynicism, just reality.


Talk to the real residents

It amazes me how every article written about the Ginn project never includes interviews or opinions from Red Cliff natives!

The people who are interviewed have no room to complain about Ginn. They are the ones who have changed Red Cliff. They have built and built and are still building.

I grew up there and my dad and family still live there. It is not the same town anymore, so if they want to limit anyone they should limit themselves! rasconeve

What Butch forgot

A Pew Research Center poll (i.e., the same firm Butch cites) from October 2005 revealed that 56 percent of Catholics, 49 percent of white Protestants and 49 percent of white evangelicals believe torture of suspected terrorists is “often” or “sometimes” justified.

In other words, virtually a majority of Christians in the U.S. believe in using torture as a matter of course against people who have never been proved to have done anything wrong.

(Needless to say, “secularists” oppose torture in far greater numbers.) …

The same poll found that between 77-84 percent of Iranians, Pakistanis, Egyptians and Indonesians ” predominately Muslim all ” believe there is never any justification for attacks on civilians; only 46 percent of Americans held this view.

Is it really Muslims we should be wringing our hands about?

M is for Minturn

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