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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Boot that attitude

The actions of Broadway’s merchants are quite reveling. Refusing support from a group that wants to support them is an arrogant attitude for a promotional campaign to have.

Broadway is no shopper’s mecca to begin with and these are merchants who consistently complain to the town that they need help.

They should consider stocking tall boots in their stores rather than on the street.

It’s appropriate attire for wading through their crap.


Follow your advice

I couldn’t agree more. That Jesus horses/dinosaur stuff is crazy.

You should take some of your own advice, and use your paper and specifically your commentary to educate and inform on important topics.

Try doing that instead of simply writing “Bush sucks” every other week.

Even this commentary, which is about the lack of interest most people appear to express in real issues and the craziness of a Creation Museum you manage to somehow make Bush’s fault.


Too busy helping Perot

Vail Town Council and town manager are too busy giving Ross Perot our assets in Lionshead and Timber Ridge … Do they know many residents will null their actions with a vote on the issue?


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