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Recycling idea

I use to live in Vermont and in 1970 they implemented a mandated 5-cent deposit on all cans and bottles. This has turned out to be the most effective manner of recycling around since nobody throws money out the window and if you do, somebody else picks it up. Many states do the same and I wonder why Colorado doesn’t do it also?

Tom Clancy

Love those taxes

There he goes again. Don Rogers has never seen a new tax or new government spending that he didn’t like. Like home rule, he is in favor of this so that he will have more stories to write. More government is not the solution. More government is the problem.


Love those taxes

Heather, we lost our way a long time ago. We lost our way when President Bush lied to you about the reasons for invading Iraq in the first place. We lost our way when the president wilfully and recklessly ignored advice on the invasion from his own military advisors. … We lost our way when the President and his cabinet convinced millions of Americans that dissent with them was tantamount to treason, “hating America” and even “anti-Semitism.”


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