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About those bootsYou forgot to mention: The Boots on Broadway exhibition is set to debut on Saturday, June 23 in conjunction with the annual Flight Days Parade. … This event was conceived as a way to showcase the new Eagle Streetscape project and create tourist traffic in Eagle with a comprehensive media campaign urging people to come to downtown Eagle to view the boots! MelissacGun control lawsRitalin is used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, narcolepsy, and other conditions. These may be neurological conditions, but that does not mean once someone is prescribed them that they are now considered someone with a mental illness. Sen. Clintons comments on the Second Amendment have been clear: enact laws that will keep guns out of the hand of children and criminals and mentally unbalanced persons.dcnobleIts inappropriateRoxie, I dont know what brought you out of the dust storm to make your stand for Eagle River Stations conformance to master plans, but I would like to say that while you are acting as chair person for the Citizens Committee to Update the Eagle Area Community Plan, it was most inappropriate for you to make your public statement using your title alongside your comments. This is a work in progress, and you as a past mayor should know that this sort of positioning on open files is totally inappropriate. … You need to retract your statements.pengyMy Hits & MissesSee, I would write my Hit or Misses a bit differently: Verify legal U.S. status (parent and/or child) first and then it maybe could be a hit for the free dental screenings being offered to local children who are denied access to good dental care … A hit for the senators seeing that a repeat of the one time only (ha ha, jokes on the taxpayers!) amnesty of 1986 was just 100 percent ineffective times at least eight … Final hit: To all those politicians who uphold their sworn represent the people positions. And final miss on those public servants who do not represent those who have elected them to do so still! hm123

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