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Dreading the move

I’m moving to Eagle in November because my wife just got a job in Avon. I read the Vail Daily and it all seems to be “no one can afford housing,” “no one can afford child care,” “the teachers all leave because they can’t afford to live here.” Every day I get more depressed about my future living in Eagle Country.


Afghanistan war

Huge swaths of the country are controlled by warlords. The Taliban is resurgent in the south and along the border with Pakistan. It is dicey just to leave Kabul.

I haven’t been there, but my cousin has, twice. This is what he told me. He also said that the Army will need to stay in Afghanistan for at least 40 more years to insure stability there.

Did most Americans realize that when we went into the Middle East that we would not be departing in their lifetime?


Miss to the Daily

Hit: To hm123 and Sen. Schultheis

Miss: To the misguided souls at the Vail Daily for printing a dubious (immigration) statistic that belies the wishes of most native born Americans, but falls in accord with their own.


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