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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Housing panel pitfalls

A housing panel could work, but they will probably pick someone to head it that has zero experience in actually getting housing projects built. The pick will be political not practical.


Wait to judge

Let’s wait to see who leads the panel before we start condemning them or it.


We brought the city with us

What amazes me is so many of us came here to get away from the hassles of city driving. We merely recreated it. Cycling on I-70 would be a more pleasant experience than Highway 6!

Chill out, everyone. Why the big hurry? How about some courtesy, something drivers in the Eagle River Valley completely lack? You’ll still get where you’re going on time and you’ll live a lot longer ” and so will the others you don’t put at risk!


Hope they read it

What? You’re saying I don’t own the road?

I can only hope the morons who in the past have tried to run me off the road for using the strategy that Captain Duran refers to on merging at lane drops reads this article.


I will not let you in

For all those drivers who barrel along passing me and the rest who have gradually merged and are creeping along in the traffic: No dice on me letting you in when you reach the “end of the road” so to speak.

I always let cars merge one at a time in front of me ” but I let no one jump in front of me after I watch you from a half mile down the road passing cars because you don’t think you should have to wait like the rest of us.

For those who like to drive in the shoulder for a mile or so because you are too important to wait in any traffic lines, tough. I hope someday you find yourselves literally parked in that emergency lane because no one will let you in at all!


Black troops liberated concentration camps

Even 62 years after the liberation of Dachau by black troops, the U.S. Army does not recognize them as liberators.

African-American soldiers also liberated Buchenwald, but the U.S. Army does not give them credit for this either.


Eagle project doesn’t comply

There are more than seven major non-compliances within the 1996 Eagle Area Community Plan that Eagle River Station does not meet. Roxie Dean failed to mention these.

They are: maintaining small town character, concentrate future development around existing town center, protecting wildlife habitat and providing wildlife corridors and preserving open space.

Plus there is no “transition” as called for and it is not located in the Chambers Business Park.

It is also on 90-plus acres, not 60-80 acres as called for.

So whether you like Eagle River Station or not, it clearly does not comply with many important 1996 goals. Read the manual.


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