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When do cells get rights?

The reason people don’t think it’s wrong to use embryos for their stem cells, is that, by their way of thought, a tiny ball of cells does not constitute a person with vested rights. So it’s not a human yet. That point would come after the embryo becomes a fetus. Given that perspective, it would be quite frustrating to see groundbreaking and lifesaving research denied because of differing beliefs. Especially when those embryos wanted for research are to-be-destroyed leftovers from fertility clinics. Especially if loved ones from the past and present could benefit.


Here’s the difference

Neolibcon, I get your point (although I don’t share it). My point was the editorialist was comparing destroying embryos with soldiers being killed. As I said, if he truly feels that the life of a human embryo is on par with the life of a soldier, then the argument is absurd. One volunteers to give his life; the other has no choice in giving its life.


The market will take care of it

Keep in mind, denying federal funding to research a subject is not stopping the research. The federal government simply isn’t going to pay for it. If stem-cell research will potentially result in breakthroughs, then the free market will perform the research without funding. Lots of things don’t get federal funding. This is just Bush pandering to the right, and the left sending bills to him knowing he wont sign them to get it on record. Now they can bring out sick kids and say its the Republicans fault they don’t have a cure.

The market will find a the breakthrough if there is one. We don’t need the federal government to tell us what is or isn’t a good idea.


No traffic problems, remember?

… according to a recent editorial by the Daily. Don’t worry about it. It will all go away on its own.


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