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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Not a Bush fan

If this Congress had any guts, the president would be up for impeachment and facing jail time. Clinton lied about a sex act in the White House, but it didn’t cost us more than 3,000 young lives.



I am fence-sitting on immigration until I have the facts I need. Here is something I never hear people on either side of the immigration debate address: What will our country look like 50 years from now, 100 years from now? I’m not talking racially, religiously or ethnically. I am just talking sheer numbers. Current projections put the U.S. population at 500 million by the middle of the century.

Sure, we have a big country ” plenty of room for everyone. The only problem is, no one wants to live in the middle of Kansas, or West Texas or Nevada. Everyone wants to live in cool places like Austin, Virginia and Colorado.

Somehow, a special place seems a whole lot less special when you are sharing it with crowds that rival holiday shoppers the day before Christmas. I wish all Americans, pro or anti-immigration, would take a trip to Guangzhou, or Seoul or Tokyo and ask themselves if that is the America they have envisioned for their children. …


Keeping teachers

A beginning teacher works eight hours per day for about 180 days. That starting salary works out to $25 per hour. The average teacher salary, however, works out to $31 per hour. This is not including insurance benefits or PERA (retirement benefits), which would elevate the hourly rate.

The numbers don’t look as dire when ones figures the hourly rate. I wish I earned as much.


Don’t need them

Why does everyone keep saying this? What happens if only a few families live here? Will the world stop spinning. It’s a fantasy, and the council members that keep repeating it better come up with a reason why we need families here.


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