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Wisdom from the Web

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Many believed it

On Iraq, remember: Most of the western world’s intelligence thought they had WMDs. Not just Bush. Clinton thought so, too. Gore is on record saying it as well. This whole “he lied to get us in” argument is very tired. It looks like we might have been trying to nation-build like post-WWII with Germany and Japan. That turned out well, so maybe the hope was to create a western-friendly, prosperous nation in the Middle East. Obviously, this did not work. So the question is now what? Blame them for not having a new plan fast enough sure, but the intentions on the outset might have been pretty good …


Secrets are spooky

“The ceremony was outside but not open to the public. Members of the media were not invited.” How sad that a ceremony honoring President Ford, who was so visible in our community and so important to the success of Beaver Creek in its early troublesome years, was closed to the public. The entire AEI forum has become almost shrouded in secrecy and this year the sign did not even appear. A bit spooky.


Selfish stem cell bill

The Bible says, “I knew you in the womb!” This means God knows you as a person. Common sense says, if it has a beating heart, it’s human.

Thank God Bush vetoed this very selfish, liberal bill. Here’s another biblical quote you probably won’t like, from memory: “Those who try to save their lives will surely lose them!”Quit being selfish!


Bad argument

Quoting Bible verses is not substantiation. It is merely an easy way for someone to think they’re taking the high ground and winning a debate without even supposing opposing logic.

Speaking of selfish, that is exactly how many of those who oppose stem cell research are perceived. Denying medicine to the men, women, and children who need it is a poor way of clinging to self-righteousness.


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