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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, readers can comment on each story or editorial they read there.Here in old-fashioned print, we print excerpts of those comments:Re: Fryin’ down the road-vegetable oil pickup retrofitHey! Thanks for the article on the couple using veg oil to power their truck. I’m a bit confused, though. My husband and I have been investigating making our own biodiesel to power our VW Jetta. It is seemingly easy and we will definitely do it but I don’t understand how this couple makes their biodiesel while traveling. You need several pieces of equipment, additional materials, and a warm place to do it. Do they BUY biodiesel and simply augment it with the veg oil? I’m not sure you can do it that way. Are they making it at the mom’s home while they’re visiting the valley? Sorry, but your explanation was not clear. It would be a great thing to research this some more and print a precise and detailed story for everyone to read. It may not be feasible for everyone to use biodiesel but it is a good start to decreasing our dependency on oil. Also, did you know that Mr. Diesel invented his famous engine originally to run on veg oil, not petroleum products? Seems like another way in which we have been fooled for more than 80 years.Re: Wheeling and dealing in Eaton Ranch effortThis is the most expensive 72 acre gravel pit + swamp I’ve ever heard of. Isn’t there something better we could do with that money? Radio commercials + expensive brochures = $$$ PR campaign. I wonder what (who) is really behind this sinister campaign? Limiting store competition so prices can be kept high by not allowing new stores in the area. Less services + less stores and the current store owners could continue to jack up the prices as they have done so far. Not good for consumers, but a great prospect price gougers. Welcome to Vail Valley home of the “we don’t care about the little people” attitude!Re: The race to sell out townIf it was VR doing this project county commissioners I am sure would not be so opposed. Sounds to me like the real concern is that they won’t be the only big dogs in town anymore.Re: Editor’s Blog, Close to buying EatonNot that you don’t make some very good points, but the truth is that Menconi and Runyon have blatantly abused their positions and the trust of the people of Eagle County by robbing the treasury. Why don’t you get off your … and use the power of the press to start a recall campaign. At the rate these two guys are spending money we will be bust over a rock pile instead of taking care of people.Re: Editor’s Blog, Eye for an eyeWe are in WWIII and it is a holy war. What are you smoking? Our Western Judeo Christian way of life is being threatened by some 14th century maniacs. Appeasement will not work. They are immoral killers who will not stop till we are finished. Wake up.Re: Editor’s Blog: Just like the ItaliansIt’s only “land of the free” when YOU say so? Uh, NO! It is only the land of the free when the laws are observed. And yes, I say so. …Re: Editor’s Blog, Eye for an eyeNot to mention that God says the vengeance is his. Not ours.Re: Poll question on Traer CreekI still find it unbelievable that Avon gave up the kitchen sink to the developer of Traer Creek. Allowing them to build what appears to be a modern art museum in the middle of the Vail Valley! They have absolutely no consideration for our valley and our history. Keystone, Breckenridge, Glenwood Springs, Silverthorn, Frisco all have more architectural style. It is a shame.Re: Traer Creek pollThis building is very nice and will be a great asset to all of Colorado. We need more progressive thinking groups instead of those that want to complain at other people’s expense.Re: Commissioners look to bump Stone from water boardPoor Tom Stone. First, those dastardly ne’er-do-wells Menconi and Runyon want to impose a draconian set of ethics rules … and now those same two colluding commissioners are looking to have the illustrious Mr. Stone dumped from the Colorado River Water Conservation District Board. Alas, how the mighty have fallen! Does anyone remember the uncontainable glee with which Tom and his former ally Michael Gallagher used to gang up on Arn, turning every insignificant agenda item into a personal assault in the name of Republican self-righteousness? The degree to which this perpetual adolescent … has contaminated Eagle County politics with his narrow brand of neo-con religiosity makes even the embarassing petulance of the Johnnette and James days seem positively grown-up by comparison. By all means, let us proceed with a purge of Tom Stone, from water boards, the county commission, and, if we’re lucky, from the entire state of Colorado. Re: Wheeling and dealing in Eaton Ranch effortTo Arn Menconi: Yes! You should discuss what you plan to do with taxpayer money in a public forum. Mr. Menconi, you are my elected representative. My taxes are not your personal piggy bank.Re: Get Eaton offer out of back roomLooks like it’s two against one. The two extreme Democrats against the centrist Stone. Menconi thinks he’s a king, not a commissioner. It’s nice for him to have a lap dog in Runyon. This is great! One of them (allegedly) lies and the other one swears to it. Those campaign contributions are paying off for Frampton and Ceil Folz. Runyon and Menconi vote for Eaton (for Harry) and against Loft Works (Since Folz lives there).Re: Open talk about open spaceThese are the two guys, Menconi and his poodle, who want to enact an ethics policy? Perhaps they should look at themselves first. They don’t understand the first thing about ethics. Congratulations to you idiots who voted them in. Perhaps it’s time to start a recall.Re: Local teen pleads guilty to sex assaultI wouldn’t want to be the politically correct DA when the karma police burn his … one day. Just like a DA who spends half a million on Kobe Bryant. I wonder if the girl who charged him with rape will pay back taxpayers?Re: Sex, violence: Which is worse?I would rather counsel my children on being “too sexual” than find them building pipe bombs in the garage.Re: Longtime local Kathy Miller died July 7I knew Kathy in the late ’70s and early ’80s when I lived in the Valley. She was the main bartender at the bar called The Place, owned by Larry Martinez and Don Sidle. While I have not been back to Vail for almost 20 years, I’ll miss her and will hold her near in my memory. I too have been dealing with cancer for several years.Re: It’s the end that mattersRight on, Don Rogers!Vail, Colorado

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