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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

It was your fault

Granted it may have seemed like a “rude” encounter to you, but you’re actually the one who is at fault, not the other dog owner. His dog was on a leash. Tabitha “galloped” up to them. There are leash laws in place for a reason, and you totally disregarded them.

Not all dogs are friendly or what to be bothered by other dogs. Don’t assume that just because you think your dog is cute and friendly other people and dogs will too.

As far as what to do with her ear, leave it by the door as a reminder to take and put her on a leash when you go out.


Bear-proof containers don’t work

Bear proof?

We tried the same lids for our Dumpsters here at River Run, and the bears had no problem opening them just the residents. They just don’t work.


Why’d he get so much?

Why is Mr. Brendza receiving over a quarter of a million dollars in severance if he resigned?

I thought employment contacts protected school districts from abrupt, disruptive resignations by financially penalizing the person resigning.

Could someone please explain this to me? Thanks.


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