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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Bear can problems

I guess only adults can empty trash now because a 12-year-old boy will be maimed if he helps mom with the trash.

The additional problem I face as I have been in retail sales for 18 years in the Vail Valley: Now my new job is picking up trash from tourists who don’t know how to use bear-proof trash cans, then when you do use them, how many people touch those cans? You have to wash your hands and waste water. Water or cans?

Cheryl Ann Peter

East Vail

Taxpayer’s dime

Golden parachutes are commonplace in failing corporations such as Enron, the telcos and airlines, but that’s private industry.

The Eagle County School Board is a public entity financed by taxpayers, and as such has no right to give away other people’s money in such a manner.

This is the sort of criminal negligence we have come to expect from Commissioner Menconi, not from the Eagle County School Board.


Menconi recall

The county voted, and we elected him. Let’s not put this county through the turmoil of a recall. Bombard his office with your comments rather than whining in the newspaper.

I voted for him, and I’m not altogether happy with his performance either. But let’s not drag the county into the ditches of sour politics.

You can’t just complain from the convenience of your laptop, you’ve got to get involved, put a face on your comments and come to meetings!


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