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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

I’m the fun vacuum

Population density has to figure in to these speed limits. There are a lot more people living in the Edwards area than there were just 10 of 15 years ago. Seventy-five is reasonable out in the middle of no where ” but in an increasingly dense area it doesn’t seem safe. Sorry to be a fun vacuum.


Blind support for Bush

Mr. Hasan would have us believe that “…of the 57 countries that claim membership (in the Organization of the Islamic Conference), around 53 are actively involved, diplomatically and/or militarily, in combating terrorism as an American ally.” I guess we are just supposed to take his word for this, because he offers neither proof nor examples of what Djibouti or the Kyrgyz Republic, among others, is doing to chip in. But I wouldn’t be too quick to take Mr. Hasan’s word on anything.

Don’t have to ski

“How do you live in an expensive place like this and not ski or snowboard?” Well, for one, its expensive … You know, some people actually work here, are professionals here, struggling with the expensive nature of the area. Just because there’s a ski area in the vicinity, does not mean one should be required to submit to it in order to prove their appreciation of this place.


No restaurant chains

Vail is a unique and beautiful place because it isn’t full of malls, chain stores and fast food. It’s a place to be awed by the natural beauty of the mountains and live a healthy and active life. It sounds like Denver was a more appropriate place for your family’s lifestyle.


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