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Wisdom from the Web

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Fine, I’ll leave

(Refer to “Enough, leave already.”)

To Richard Carnes:

Auf Wiedersehn. Someday I will be gone and you will not even miss me. Until you need someone to come and repair your furnace, or teach your kids, or check you out of the grocery store, or fit you for a pair of skis.

I am “everyman” or “everywoman,” poor Richard. And you will continue to sit in your large home on the hill and count your inherited millions and you will not miss me.

Nor will I miss you and your millions. Bye bye.


So you can’t afford kids …

(Refer to “Enough, leave already.”)

Maybe don’t have two kids until you figure out how to be a responsible adult and pay for their needs.


It’s a matter of security

(Refer to “U.S. can afford safe bridges.”

Infrastructure and national defense is not an either/or proposition. Bridges are just one essential element of our infrastructure that certainly requires our attention and regular maintenance …

That our domestic infrastructure has been neglected for so long is certainly a crime …

State and local government is first and foremost an administrative task that absolutely should be focused, as Mr. Pinkerton says, “on topics as boring as infrastructure and public safety.”


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