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Wisdom from the Web

On the Vail Daily Web site, readers can comment on each story or editorial they read there.Here, are excerpts of those comments:Re: A goal of zero wasteMy Name is Chris Fornander and I am currently working in Germany for the United States Air Force. I am incredibly excited to read about this goal in my home state. I would like to know more about how this is done and see if there are ideas I could pass along from where I currently live. In 1997, Germany passed a law the country may not build any more landfills. Since that time an elaborate system of recycling and re-use is in place. Who may I contact to learn more about this process in Colorado? Chris Fornander PSC 1 BOX 3285 APO AE 09009Re: It’s the end that mattersRogers is digging deep to accuse Stone of an ethics violation. I guess that Rogers doesn’t have the right to earn a living. Menconi is easy, as his conflicts of interest are many. Runyon continues to be a poodle. Has anyone else noticed the two against one playing out at the county? Stone seems to be holding his own even when outnumbered. The Daily must have supported Runyon and Menconi just to have stupid things to write about for four years. God bless Eagle County.Re: Town must follow its rulesIf, in fact, the future of Vail holds true, and the “off-seasons” become more popular – Vail is a year-round destination – Vail will need as much parking as possible. Why turn down any opportunity to build it, especially when it is new, and available to build underground. What about the Crossroads development? Is it worth it to cut the size of the building, and in turn reduce the number of parking spaces, when that is one of the highest commodities in Vail? How much did the Vail Resorts spaces sell for across from the Christiana? If the conference center does end up being built, and it does fail, the more parking spaces, the better. They could be used when needed to get cars off the Frontage Road. …Re: Open space limits Eaton Ranch plansYes, it’s more than a gravel pit. There is a mosquito swamp too. That’s why it costs $12 million. Let me spell it out for all who care to read this. It’s not about nature, open space, park or the river. The location of Eaton Ranch is such that there is no reason for anyone to drive their car to it so they can supposedly stroll along the river. Eaton Ranch is mostly not even visible from Highway 6, so people will not even know it’s there and will not use it.The path in Riverwalk is used because it’s in Riverwalk and people go there because of the stores. The park in Avon is used because it’s in Avon and people have where to go walking around town. Eaton Ranch is in the middle of nowhere, and nobody has a reason to be there really. There are many much more beautiful larger parks people can drive to, so why would they go to Eaton Ranch?The true reason is that someone does not want stores that will compete with Riverwalk or Avon there. Wake up, people.Editor’s note: There are no wetlands on the Eaton parcel. Vail, Colorado

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