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Wisdom from the Web

On the Vail Daily Web site, readers can comment on each story or editorial they read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Letters to the editorGlobal warming my arse! How do otherwise intelligent people jump to such absurd conclusions without substantiating anything? A couple weeks of hot weather is no proof of global warming. Just a few days before the July heat wave we were experiencing temperatures that were well BELOW NORMAL.Re: Wisdom from the WebWhoever the idiot was that wrote about Tom Stone and Michael Gallagher seems to have forgotten that Stone is a Republican and Gallagher is a Democrat. Runyon acts more like a socialist and Menconi is a communist, which is nothing more than a socialist in a hurry. Thank God we have Stone in there to balance out those other two left-wing nuts.Re: Wisdom from the WebTom Tancredo is an armchair warrior, just like all the rest who spew such great wisdom on how the war in Iraq should be won. You won’t find him (just like you won’t find any other chicken hawks) anywhere near where the real action is. Perhaps the best thing we could do for Tancredo is to send him there.Re: Editor’s Blog, Eye for an eye?I don’t buy this. It is NOT a bullet-proof argument. Some of the great resistance movements of the world didn’t wear uniforms – the French Resistance, the Chetniks …Re: Editor’s Blog, Eye for an eye?Well, I “BUY IT”! We are too nice, too innocent and far too trusting here with a government attitude of don’t ask, don’t tell.Re: Open space limits Eaton Ranch plansA gravel pit scenic? Give me a break. Where is the money going to come from to turn this into something other than a gravel pit? Maybe SOS can donate the money. …Editor’s note: B&B must leave the pit reclaimed with grass, and the Vail Valley Foundation plans to build ponds and make the land more scenic.Re: Digging for good newsIf Eagle County schools don’t do a much better job of educating our kids, they’ll be qualified only to work as editors or reporters for Colorado Mountain News Mediocre at the Vail Daily or Vail Trail. How sad. These kids will know only how to write public relations stories about the district instead of holding board members accountable.Re: New hospital chief touts big plansWow, Vail is opening an Urgent Care in Eagle along with Valley View Hospital? Mr. Repetti, maybe you better take a closer look. Vail Hospital is actually closing the existing urgent care in Eagle. And then, in an on going effort to serve the growing down valley population, they are planning to move the only other urgent care in the valley which is currently in Edwards further east to Avon. Let me tell you, we are so feeling the love down here. And we don’t buy for a minute the argument that bringing private practice family medicine is better care for our urgent and emergent medical needs. We need BOTH!And that great new urgent care for Eagle that the hospital is opening, when is that happening? In 2007 or 2008? I guess we must wait until that fictional medical building in Eagle Ranch gets built? You know, the one that hasn’t even broken ground…Maybe now is the time for Eagle to start talking with Valley View. Maybe they would be willing to fill the void of our medical needs. After all, it is just as easy for us to drive west as east for our additional medical care.Sincerely, former Medical Center of Eagle patientRe: Recycling may get revampedAll of the sites are unattractive to just plain gross.Re: Goodbye, Peter, equals goodbye, ColoradoWOW, if you are that ignorant and blind of a sports writer pretending to know anything about the NHL, then you have no business commenting on the situation at all. I would correct and explain things, but I bet you are too busy working on your senior thesis. Thanks for the laugh.Re: Goodbye, Peter, equals goodbye, ColoradoOK, I agree, could be tough times. But the rip on Colorado teams is in bad form. Some of us are Colorado (Vail) natives and CU grads and try to support our teams (even the Rockies). Avs still are pretty far under the new salary cap and you’re going to see some further movement. Don’t just say they are toast before you know. I’ve read your … and I think you are better than that.Re: It’s SOS with commissionersMenconi believes in gravel pits over people. He won’t support assisted living for our seniors calling it too expensive. Time to recall this lame duck now.Vail, Colorado

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