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On the Vail Daily Web site, readers can comment on each story or editorial they read there.Here in old-fashioned print, we print excerpts of those comments:Re: Faith means freedom, intoleranceNichole: Why use the inflamitory headline that faith means intolerance? There are many things that I tolerate which I do not endorse. Do you assume I am homhphobic if I tolerate while I do not endorse? Why should a tiny minorty have their way dspite the voice of the majority? The Christian faith is just that, the Christian faith. There are many Christian faiths, approximately 23,000. Some will bless a same sex marriage, some will not. Where is the tollerance for those who dissagree? It is not your world or their world. It a world for all of us. Where is the the liberal cry for diversity and individual choice? Jeez Louise.Re: Builder eyes old pollutionYou couldn’t sell me a lot on one of Bobby Ginn’s golf courses for $50. You could pour concrete over it. You could show me all sorts of EPA studies they’ll probably do on his land to tell me it was OK for me to live on top of all that toxic waste. I’d never do it. Not in a million years. Much less expose my family to it. Remember Love Canal. Remember how much particulate went into the air around Durango when they attempted to clean up Smelter Mountain. Most of those nice folks decided it would have been better to just leave all those tailings sit rather than put it in suspension and breath it all those months it took to “clean up.” I’ll pull my kids out of Minturn Middle School before they start hacking up the ground up there. We just got back from a fishing trip down Vallecito Lake way by Durango. They wanted to put a golf course in alongside the lake. Enough of the good old boys around the lake got together and stood up at the county commisioner meetings and said, “You know what? I don’t golf. I don’t watch it on TV. I don’t want to see a golf course at our lake.” The developer backed off. No golf course. I think those fellas have the right idea. I don’t think a golf course belongs up there. Much less people having babies and raising a family up there. I guess that’s one of the options of second home ownership. You can choose to limit the number of weeks you actually submit yourself to the … exposure and still benefit from renting out your new slope-side condo to the next unsuspecting short-term consumer. I don’t know which way the wind blows at Bolt’s Lake, but I hope it’s to the south.Re: Wisdom from the Web shows us at our worstMenconi and Runyon must hate Wisdom from the Web since county employees can make their views known without fear of retribution. …Re: 8-year-old fascinated with gangsTold you, Don Rogers. Sur 13 and the “Thirteens” have been in Eagle County for a few years, even read through the town of Gypsum’s PDF council meetings. THEY talk about gang fights involving 15 or more youth homie Thirteeners.Re: Strength in numbersI wonder when Don Rogers will finally admit that the county never had a problem with thoughtful discussion until Menconi came along. Probably never because he would have to admit that his choice for commissioner was wrong. Not even James Johnson was as bad as Menconi. Now you have Peter Runyon, who can’t make a decision to save his life unless it is to waste taxpayer dollars. More commissioners equals more dummies. Someone needs to write the book “Being a Commissioner for Dummies.” Two will fly off the shelf immediately.Re: Airport interchange money groundedThe new Avon 4way I-70 interchange was $12 million. It came complete with a bunch of grading and round-a-bouts too. How can the proposed Airport Eagle-Gypsum I-70 interchange be $30-$68 millon? Somebody is blowing smoke.Re: Lots of smoke This is called liberal left thinkers, D.R. – the Dems’ standard way of operation, or MO: “He (Instad) appears concerned about how willing the current majority is to spend, and cautions them about shrinking reserves and large obligations. “Where there’s smoke there’s fire Citizens should be concerned about the current situation at the county. The hasty departure of one of the nation’s best administrators and talk of expensive management consultants indicate a strong departure from the responsible governance which had been the norm at Eagle County.Re: Double the garbage picked up on I-70Gee, I wonder why. Has anyone ever been arrested in Eagle County for littering? Have any of the idiots that wreck their cars ever been forced to clean up after their wreck? Is there any anti-littering education done in our local schools? What we need is a litter hotline, you see them – you call, and they better get busted!Re: Air Force band clinics impress local studentsHello. I am writing on behalf of my daughter, Valerie Mirelez. She has been working on a family tree since eighth grade and is now finishing her first year of high school. When she typed “Mirelez” into the Google search Lewis’ name popped up. We were both surprised that information popped up with the Mirelez last name. We have been expanding as much as we can with the Mirelez family name and any information that we can find. It was nice to come across this article. In the world today it is nice to hear positive things. Since the Mirelez name is not a common spelling (Morales, Mireles), we found it interesting. It is also interesting because my husband and I were in our grammer school and high school concert and marching bands. If you could help us to contact Lewis, it would be great. There has to be a relationship somewhere down the line. We live in Hammond, Indiana. My e-mail address is: Bingodono@yahoo.com. Anything you can do for us will be appreciated. Thank you in advance, Dolores Mirelez.Vail, Colorado

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