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Wisdom from the Web

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here are excerpts of those comments:Re: He’s baaaack!How unutterably tedious it is to have to endure the solipsistic rants of Mr. Cacioppo, who clearly represents no political perspective other than his own narrow, jaundiced, uninformed and opinionated set of completely subjective tripe. This diagnosable dolt is, pathetically, a legend in his own twirpy little mind who has nothing to offer this community more desireable than his prolonged absence.Re: Digging for good newsGreat title, Scott Miller. Hard to do a Google search on the topic of CSAP, without CSAP in the title. Guess the Vail Daily will continue to protect the image of the Eagle County School District for ever.Re: It’s SOS with commissionersRogers nailed it concerning Menconi and Runyon. The most disturbing thing is their total lack of integrity. Runyon especially gives politics a bad name. He is a fraud. He tells you one thing then does the opposite.Re: Vail elite scorn MinturnI would like to correct an error in Minturn Councilman Tom Sullivan’s recent column. specifically his statement, “Don Rogers’ job is to sell newspapers.” This is false. Mr. Rogers newspaper is free. The financial purpose of Mr. Rogers’ paper is to sell paid advertising. His parent company Swift, does an excellent job of running their newspaper monopoly in Eagle County and setting advertising rates, here and in other counties, too. A point, I’m sure, not missed by the owners of the real estate company that does the majority of the sales here in Eagle County.Editor’s note: The commenter here might be surprised to learn that Vail Daily advertising rates are a good 15 percent LESS than average for papers of similar size across the country, even though the Vail Valley is far wealthier and costlier than nearly all communities. (Imagine if we sold gasoline this way.) Also, the historical approach of newspapers “selling” themselves to advertisers in the editorial pages is to NOT have any opinions that might offend anyone. By these measures we are failing miserably. Re: Living large at the livestock auctionThanks, Vail Daily, for good coverage of the Fair and Rodeo. Thank you also to Tom Stone for supporting our Western heritage. Menconi wasn’t there a single night. Who will support us when Tom is gone? It sure won’t be those other two commissioners. They are more interested in saving gravel pits than supporting true open space – our ranches!Re: Nine arrested in drug bustThis is not a matter of illegal or legal! Looking at the age range this is a matter of teens looking for easy money. What they did is wrong and need to be punished. But we all make mistakes. Mistakes are not colored or defined and immigrants, just simple HUMAN.Re: Letters to the editorObviously the philharmonic being in town isn’t the only thing going on. I’m sure the “athletes” at Ford park weren’t purposely making noise to be rude. Maybe Lang Lang was interrupting their concentration on the field. You know, there are many athletic tournaments held here in the Vail Valley. These people train year round to get here. Give them a break. Re: Ex-con makes local cops nervousAnd, of course, all Eagle County residents can just go on-line and look up all known sex offenders in the county like every other place in the USA, right?Oh, wrong. You have to check in your neighborhood or school jurisdiction only. Well, just peachy. What if you work up-valley or down, or your kids attend schools elsewhere in the county. Well bummer for you and me. We don’t GET told about those offenders nor can we find out. …Re: Ex-con makes local cops nervousThe Web address to the CBI’s database on sex offenders in Colorado is http://sor.state.co.us/Also, a complete list of all registered sex offenders residing in Eagle County is available at the Sheriff’s Office.Re: Letters to the editorMenconi’s biking letter: Many of us in Eagle County enjoy biking, whether it be road or mountain biking. There are many more bike shops in Eagle County than there are rafting and kayak stores. I still believe that the bikers out number the rafters and kayakers by 3-1 at a minimum. Our biking season lasts longer than our white water season by months.So? So, why didn’t Menconi mention how much Eagle County tax money he has targeted for an Eagle River white water park? Who will benefit? That’s easy – Vail Resorts, the Beaver Creek Resort Company and East West Partners, at least as far as Avon’s Confluence site is concerned. Next time you see Arn, ask him how many times he voted against a Vail Resorts proposal submitted to the county. The answer is still zero, by my count. Write one thing, and use taxpayer money to do another. Arn has done nothing to dissuade the perception that he was bought and paid for a long time ago.Re: Editor’s Blog, Eye for an eye?The French Resistance did NOT hide behind the skirts of their women! Although many were certainly fighters, the women and children of the French Resistance were NOT used as suicide bombers. The terrorist scum in Iraq is NOT fighting for Iraqi freedom. If you believe otherwise, then you are a fool. Furthermore, to compare these heroic individuals to the terrorist scum in Iraq is incredibly insulting to all true freedom fighters throughout history. …Vail, Colorado

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