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Wisdom from the Web

On the Vail Daily Web site, readers can comment on each story or editorial they read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: The moronic ‘suicide bombers’ post The comparison of Native Americans to Palestinians has to be one of the most stupid and insulting things I’ve read since the 2004 elections. The author criticized Art Kittay’s support of Israel and suggests he “take a bigger more informed view before spouting off about how bad the Palestinians are …” It is the author of that post who is in need of “taking a bigger more informed view before spouting off!”I have zero respect for those who empathize with suicide bombers. Regardless of one’s opinions about Israel, using your own women and children as weapons delivery systems to kill civilians is unacceptable and cowardly. ANYONE can kill an unarmed and unprepared civilian. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel – no courage or skill required. Referring to Israeli settlements as a “land grab” reveals just how ignorant of history that author truly is. A bigger informed view would reveal that the so-called “Palestinians” aligned themselves on the wrong side of all world wars. Germany and its allies lost both wars, and often in the aftermath of war borders change locations and territories change hands by right of conquest. If you choose to wage war, you risk losing your land AND your life if you lose. This is the way of the world. Deal with it. …Re: Parents needed to help school succeedI’ve noticed as long as we are participating as the Eagle County School District desires, we are classified as well-meaning parents that “play well with others!” This involves attendance at conferences, sporting events, and plays, baking cookies, and voting for tax increases. However, the minute my wife and I disagree with the ECSD and suggest a more traditional approach to math instruction or a choice in which math class to enroll in, a choice in scheduling at the high school, required phonics instruction, or actual instruction in spelling, etc., we are not appreciated as warmly. I won’t even bring up the response from the ECSD when we disagreed with a decision at a meeting over a special needs child. I’m all for participating in my children’a education, Mr. Brendza. However, it needs to be participation that includes parents. After all, I think we all agree there is more than one way to educate a child, and the ECSD would be a more effective place if parental choice was allowed and encouraged.Re: Intelligent design reduxKudos for taking the time to respond to the deluge of e-mails and comments from your previous article. It’s good to know that people care about something.Now, about this week’s article, we’ll start near the beginning. You suggest, rightfully so, that “if you wish to have intellectual discussions on this or any other subject, please quit wasting ink attacking me personally, as a few repeatedly choose to do. It cheapens your argument, and glaringly tells the reader that you have no response worthy of actual debate.” Yet, only five sentences prior, you attack some people that responded by calling their responses “somewhat lacking in the intelligence department.” Way to follow your own advice. Skipping a few paragraphs we come to your example that is supposed proof for molecules-to-man evolution. You say to take some already-formed bactria, introduce a foreign substance, and soon thereafter you will have bacteria that are resistant to this foreign substance in a matter of days. This is evidence of what people know as “natural selection,” not molecules-to-man evolution. The bacteria are still that: bacteria. Plus, they are already formed? How did they get there? Where does the foreign substance come from?Your example does nothing to prove evolution, just that species can adapt to their environment. No new kind is created. And the speed with which this happens is more evidence for creation than evolution, which claims this must take billions of years, yet we see it happening in very brief time spans.Also, your argument about “Where does this magical creator come from?” being circular is not worth mentioning from your side, since the same question can be asked of any other theory of origin. For the Big Bang, something had to be there to get blown up, so where did it come from? Was it always just there?I appreciate you writing about this difficult, often divisive subject. It’s fun to have a nice discussion. Also, I’m posting to the Web so everyone can read this, not just you.Re: Crashes leading cause of young deathsHaving raised two daughters in this valley who have lost friends on I-70, I believe that we should go back to teaching driver’s ed in high school – complete with simulators, the movie screen, the entire package. This did so much to help me learn to drive back in the 1970s! … Vail, Colorado

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