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Wisdom from the Web

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here are excerpts of those comments:Re: Do you like the idea of Michael Cacioppo having a weekly column?I look forward with glee to a weekly column by Mr. Cacioppo. What entertainment! Without a weekly public accounting of his outrageous ideas and ill-conceived notions, how would the rest of us know what egregious and hairbrained acts he may be hatching? Back in the valley, without a voice, Mr. Cacioppo is like a stealth bomber racing through the valley ready to unleash chaos on the innocent and unsuspecting. Mr. Cacioppo is an attention-seeker. Give him attention. Read his column. Stay informed and hopefully, entertained.Re: Lower octane can save drivers cashDo not believe this article. Today’s Department of Energy is protecting oil companies that still make 85 octane because it is cheaper to produce. Fuel injected engines should never use less than 87, so if you have an old car with a carbuerated engine, then 85 is OK because of the altitude, but modern cars compensate for the altitude, so you need the higher octane whether you ar at 10 feet or 15,000 feet. Here is a link to a well-researched article about octane: http://www.koaa.com/features/investigates/view.asp?ID=25Re: Wisdom from the WebI’m sorry but 90 percent of gang bang drug dealers are not illegals. If they were, we would not have 90 percent of them still in the U.S. Cocaine is a monster, but there’s a bigger monster in the U.S. It’s name is meth. Now this is a drug that’s larger than any nightmare we have encountered before. This drug is not being shipped in by illegals; 92 percent of arrests made being either manufacturers or distributors are Anglo names. Now we can deport these gang bang drug dealers. What’s being done about these other individuals? Make some headlines about, that would you?Re: The 16,000 home questionGreat article by Tamara Miller that exposes Peter Runyon’s scare tactics concerning growth in Eagle County. Over 75 percent of the growth is happening in the towns, so how does he propose to stop it? He is clueless. This is class warfare. Runyon is in a time warp wanting the county to only allow the people to live here that have been in the valley for 25 years. I wonder what he has against the working class in our county.Re: Editor’s Blog, ‘Intelligent design’ just ain’t As for teaching Intelligent Design in public schools, we have the 1st Amendment: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”Congress, our government, cannot use public money (tax revenues) to endorse, support, or otherwise “respect” any religious establishment, church, organization, nor can it advocate any particular religious belief system.Individuals are free to do as the wish and believe as they please, but the public school system is financed by public money, is directed by the government of We The People, and therefore may not promote any religion. You may disagree with this, but take your argument to the Supreme Court who has repeatedly ruled consistently in this matter.It seems most everyone is in favor of the 1st Amendment — until they disagree with something it protects or guards against.Re: Letters to the editor”Yeah, Yeah, I know, 1st Amendment, yadda, yadda, yadda, blah, blah, blah.”When I read Gladdie Funke’s statement above it made me wonder just how many other so-called Americans share that sentiment. Is this how you feel about the rest of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States of America? If so, then perhaps you should find a nice cozy fascist country and move there. Now. Maybe we can charter a one-way flight for yourself and all those of your ilk.I clearly understand why people like Gladdie hate Michael Cacioppo. Mr. Cacioppo represents everything they despise, such as the liberty and freedoms ensured by the founding documents of this great nation, and generally everything American. I often disagree with Mr. Cacioppo, but his absence has been felt and we will all benefit from his return. Welcome back, Michael Cacioppo! Bon voyage, Gladdie Funke, et al.Re: ‘Saving the world is really hard’Hooray for Peace Corps workers from the valley. There’s one in Guatemala, too! Saving the world is not only hard, but also incredibly rewarding.Congrats on your completion of service! Keep saving the world.Vail, Colorado

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