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Wisdom from the Web

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here are excerpts of those comments:Re: Editor’s Blog, ‘Intelligent design’ just ain’tReligious BELIEFS are founded in FAITH. Faith requires no scientific proof. If science could prove the validity of this or that religious belief, then there would be no need for faith! What ARE they thinking? Intelligent design is nothing more than religious creationism wrapped in pseudo-scientific lingo. ID’s proponents have omitted some of the more outrageous creationist components to at least lend a veneer of acceptability, but you do not have to look very hard to see through the veneer. ID is not science. Those who choose to believe otherwise do not know what science is. … Church leaders were open-minded only so long as science did not contradict their dogma. When science began to contradict Church teachings, scientists were excommunicated, jailed, exiled and/or threatened with death. Entire civilizations were destroyed because they somehow contradicted the religious belief espoused by the all-powerful Church…. Science has always undermined religious foundations, but not because of any ulterior motives or hostile intent. … Scientists can make mistakes. Those mistakes are revealed and corrected by other scientists. New theories can provide better ways to look at nature and the cosmos, thereby displacing earlier theories. … For example, Newton’s Laws of Gravity are good enough to get us to the moon and back, but more recent theories provide greater accuracy…. Intelligent Design is just a new spin on a creation mythology that makes no predictions and cannot be tested in any way, which is why ID remains unacceptable as a scientific theory. …Re: Editor’s Blog, Heading home to meet meJust attended my 45 high school reunion. Small class in midwestern farming community. Have had reunion at each five-year interval since the first one 15 years after we graduated. When I go back I get to try to reconnect with those who have decided that they will expose themselves to the memories – good and bad – of some of the most care-free days of our lives.This year found me getting a hug from a male classmate. How dare the men of the ’60s hug one another. But now he felt the freedom of self expression and expressed his feelings and for that I was grateful and honored.The former mayor of the town, a lady who raised four boys as a single parent, the nurse who retired and now works three nights a week at the same hospital, the former mayor who ran again and serves as a council member because she wants to stay involved, the person who gets things done even with a busy schedule, the one who when you ask them if they feel old says, “I don’t feel old at all – I don’t have time for that!” She is the person who keeps our class organized and in touch with one another – like the touchstone who knows what each of us are up to. I so love her energy! She is an inspiration that reminds me it is simply a state of mind that defines our world. My family asks me why I go back. I say that it simply keeps me grounded and connected to a life and place that felt good once up on a time. Sharing memories, connecting with energy or lack thereof of others, and just plain old honest from the heart communicating helps me realize my life has been blessed.It’s OK to remember!Vail, Colorado

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