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On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Small plane crashes on Vail PassNice photography. Next time show something relevant to the situation. I had to sit in that traffic for like an hour.Re: TipslineI have been looking on the Web for about an hour now, and really can not understand all the killing in the Gaza Strip-Israel-West Bank. Maybe Art Kittay can explain it to me in plain simple English? Maybe someone can explain to me without injecting all the religious excuses? All I can determine is that once again Jewish people think they have a birthright to something, or something is owed to them. Why is there enough religion to instill killing another person but not enough to instill tolerance? I don’t understand!Re: Marathoner heads for 100Fred Bapp is an amazing man! Besides being one of the kindest and most real people around, the fact that he’s still running marathons at an age when a lot of guys are using walkers is testament to his enduring spirit. The lengthy ordeal which he and his family endured during his wife’s courageous battle with cancer showed us a man of high integrity and devotion, and the extremely valuable help he has provided to countless members of this community in his counselling capacity is a sure and certain ticket through the Pearly Gates, a trip which I hope is still many years distant. So God bless Fred Bapp, and best wishes to him on the accomplishment of his goal to run a hundred marathons.Re: Letters to the editorRe: Terry Quinn and “Carnes says that evolution has been proved over and over again.” It has, in some creatures – seals, whales – survival of the fittest, if you will. They changed, adapted to their environment through evolution, and isn’t evolution also part of God’s work, if you believe in God, that is? About Darwin, what our kids are learning in school: The most famous place mentioned in Darwin’s book is the Galapagos Islands. This group of 14 islands was home to about 14 different species of finches. Each island had a dominant finch species. Each island also had a dominant plant species. The islands are too far apart for the different finches to fly to the different islands, so evolution was what caused the different adaptations in the finches. Evolution on Earth has also occurred, all of the time. In the past evolution created animals, and even today it is still creating and changing animals to help adjust to their surroundings. Changes in climate and in land forms affect how the animal changes. A great example of evolution can even be seen today. The present-day hagfish and the sea lamprey. These fish are a current-day version of the Agnatha, or also called the “jawless fish.” These fish existed since before 400 million years ago. The next fish on this evolutionary chain is the shark. Where the sea lamprey and hagfish had seven gills on the side of their head, the shark only has five. The other two moved forward to form the shark’s jaw. The shark is known as a chondriicthyes, or a “cartilage fish.” The last of these is what can be simply known as “bony fish.” These are even more advanced than the shark, even though the shark might eat them.In ancient Earth, the eras were divided when the dominant life form changed. Period changes occurred when there were drastic changes in the dominant animals. Probably the most noteworthy of all of the periods was the Precambrian period, which was 4.6 billion-545 million years ago. The only organism that existed in this period was cyanobacteria. These microscopic organisms changed harmful gasses such as ammonia, sulfur and methane to gasses like oxygen, nitrogen and other healthful gasses. Without these ancient microscopic organisms, the world as we know it would not exist today.Re: Editor’s Blog, ‘Intelligent design’ just ain’tAs for teaching intelligent design in public schools, we have the 1st Amendment: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”Congress, our government, cannot use public money (tax revenues) to endorse, support or otherwise “respect” any religious establishment, church, organization, nor can it advocate any particular religious belief system.Individuals are free to do as the wish and believe as they please, but the public school system is financed by public money, is directed by the government of We The People, and therefore may not promote any religion. You may disagree with this, but take your argument to the Supreme Court who has repeatedly ruled consistently in this matter.It seems most everyone is in favor of the 1st Amendment – until they disagree with something it protects or guards against.Re: Jefferson won a war by not starting itFortunately, such naive notions did not prevent the USA from entering World War II. Wars are not “won” by not being fought. They are merely postponed.Furthermore, we will win this war, because we MUST. We have no choice. This Wahabbist garbage has been fomenting for decades and we repeatedly turned a blind eye, we placated, we kowtowed, we even gave (are still giving) these scum multi-millions of U.S. dollars. And they still hate us. And they use our generosity and mercy against us. They always will – even if there was no Israel. Everyone must understand that these sick bastards are intent on making their extreme fundamentalist form of Islam the only religion on Earth and ridding the world of all infidels. And anyone who does not share their extreme Islamic fundamentalism is considered an infidel (that includes everyone else, even those Muslims the extreme Wahabbists consider “moderate”).Turning our backs on Israel and cowering under a rock will change nothing, and pretending that Islam is a “religion of peace” is as absurd as the belief that the Palestinians are peace-loving pacifists. Regarding the Israeli pull-out of Gaza, et al: This action will only serve to embolden the Palestinian terrorists and their pals, and prompt them to escalate their attacks against Israel. Kowtowing to terrorists is surrender. The pull-out proves that cowardly terrorist tactics are successful. No one considers war a “good thing.” However, it is sometimes necessary. America, our embassies and allies, have been repeatedly attacked, and our soldiers and citizens killed – both abroad and at home – by Islamic terrorists. The current war was long overdue. How much longer would you like to wait? How many more people would you sacrifice on the alter of Jihad to avoid the scourge of war?Re: Letters to the editorKudos to Joe McHugh for his superb letter, “Hysterical fringe.” However, one detail was neglected that tends to undermine the arguments for anthropomorphic causes of global warming. Of all the greenhouse gases that are believed to contribute to increasing global temperatures, there is one gas in particular constitutes the majority of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Quantitative figures for this one gas are omitted from most reports (at least from those reports that get the most press). Are you ready for this? The predominant greenhouse gas is water vapor. Add water vapor to the global warming equation and the possible effects of all human activity on global warming become negligible. So why all the doomsday hyperbole? Perhaps we are witnessing the hijacking of science for political ends: to fabricate a justification for that global social engineering experiment better known as the Kyoto accord. Kyoto is a political fraud based on bogus science. Kyoto would only succeed in impeding the economies of the USA and other successful nations, yet some in this country have been duped by its socialistic allure. Rather than improving conditions in failing nations, Kyoto would drag everyone to the lowest common denominator while doing absolutely nothing to affect global warming.By the way, the Earth’s magnetic field is weakening. This magnetic field deflects lethal solar radiation around the planet, thereby protecting the biosphere and all life on the planet. Apparently the Earth’s magnetic poles periodically flip positions. The north and south magnetic poles change places. It seems we may be on the verge of another flip. How many of you “Chicken Little” hysterics out there actually believe we humans can do squat about it? None? Ditto global warming.Re: In for a long nightGreat article. The personal insights made the Leadville 100 more comprehendable to those of us who would never be able to do it.Re: Illegal actions of the Vail Town CouncilI understand Cacciopo’s desire to debate specific issues with readers rather than defend against attacks using generalizations. I will be specific. Cacciopo is not a good writer. His point is often lost in tangential (at best) wanderings. He tends to rant more than he puts together clear, concise, arguments. He writes in a style that glorifies his ego, and completely discounts any dissenting views. He sees every issue as a left-wing vs. his-wing matter. I argue that one cannot view all issues through such a prism at the local level. He has the right to his viewpoint and the right to be heard, but I would argue it is not appropriate to give a written column to one who cannot write well. T.W.Re: Avon mayor rallies for railroad crossings If the railroad wishes to play hardball, then let’s step up to the plate and swing! Most of us have noticed that the entire railroad right-of-way is infested with noxious weeds. It is a Colorado state law that landowners must control noxious weeds on their property, but due to the historic “hands-off’ policy towards railroads by the federal and state governments, nothing is ever done. Well, I think it is time to sue the railroads to get their attention. (Normally I am not a sue-happy individual, feeling that over-zealous lawsuits are contributing to the decline of American society.) If we rake the RR over the coals perhaps we could: get them to accept new crossings; clean Up their lands; leave our valleys forever!As a 15-year resident of Minturn I fondly recall the trains. I loved the feeling of being briefly awakened at 4 a.m. by a train headed to or from Leadville. But Union Pacific is now an absentee landlord, with no train activity at all, but rental income flowing in from the buildings at the Minturn yard. If I owned four rental buildings and rented them out and failed to maintain the surrounding grounds, I should be made to remedy the situation. Union Pacific is no different. It is time to end the preferential treatment towards railroads.Re: Man allegedly tried to light three others on fireHow about self-defense? Or should you not fight back and allow the authorities to punish the guy after your funeral?Vail, Colorado

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