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Wisdom from the Web

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here are excerpts of those comments:Re: TipslinePeter Runyon hasn’t voted against spending money on anything. At least when he sides with Stone we get something good out of it besides a gravel pit or a new home for Snowboard Outreach Society. What a pair those two Democrats make! They sure do know how to ruin morale at the county. It’s good that Gallagher and Stone saved the county from Menconi being chairman until now. We should all be worried about the future.Re. How to win war on terrorAlex Miller acknowledges that “what (he knows) about military strategy can be fit neatly on the head of the pin,” but that didn’t stop him from expounding with 900 words on the subject. “Who hates freedom?” For starters, the Taliban and the Wahabbists, to name a couple. Come on, Alex. If you’re going to ask the question, you should already know the answer!You advocate an “Apollo project” to solve the nation’s energy needs. Apollo had a viable objective. What’s yours, Alex? Dilithium crystals? Of the technologies remotely possible, fuel cells require expensive and hazardous heavy metals. Hybrid cars are a false economy and a VW diesel is better-faster-cheaper. Windmills only work where the wind is constant (perhaps the DNC should run all year). Photovoltaics are still too expensive, fragile and unreliable. Nuclear works today, but the fuel and waste are both very dangerous and suffers from NIMBY. Sorry, Alex, but “Apollo project” doesn’t exactly qualify as a real “solution.”Re: House in parkHow can Tom Boni say with a straight face that building on park land is better for a community? He should run to be a Democrat county commissioner.Re: This poodle will barkNow if we could just keep Runyon from overspending the county budget by millions! A very wealthy developer who lives in Vail has too much influence over Menconi and Runyon. This needs to stop. Now.Re: PoodleNo Don, you were right the first time. Peter is a poodle. Runyon is not only Menconi’s lap dog, he is also a pet to Harry Frampton. Or how about the Eagle Valley Land Trust? How about how he was quick to get rid of Jack Ingstad with Menconi? Along with his buddy, Arn, watch how they are busy trying to ruin the economic vitality of the county with this silly moratorium. Don’t be embarrassed, Don, for calling Runyon what he is.Re: Rogers don’t go softThe apocalypse is upon us: Rogers is going soft on a local politician. We the people don’t care if he has charmed your socks off. We expect constant critical analysis of all the commissioners, even the nice ones (not just the mean coots like Stone!). Don’t overlook Runyon’s propensity to spend OPM (other people’s money) and act in a condescendingly paternalistic manner to the towns. Stay critical!That is why we continue to read you.Vail, Colorado

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