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Wisdom from the Web

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there. Here, in old-fashioned print, we publish excerpts of those comments:Re: Wisdom from the WebWhat ever happened to the search for the terrorists who set Two Elk on Fire? Anyone?Re: Wisdom from the WebI just read that it was President Bush who caused Hurricane Katrina! Oh ban together all ye’ Bush-Slayers!Re: TipslineGlobal Warming? I can’t figure out if they are comparing the rising temperature to last Tuesday or the Ice Age?Re: Editor’s Blog, Endorsement for school districtI’d run. No openings on my end.Editor’s note: Not true.Re: Editor’s Blog, Feeling for New OrleansOne more thing: Your beloved environmentalist groups are why America is woefully short of refineries, NOT “because they have become too much of a hassle to build.”Re: Editor’s Blog, Feeling for New OrleansOh brother. If you live at places at risk, you are assuming the risk when you live, build there, stay there, work there. Like tornados in the Midwest, like earthquakes in California, like wildfires in the mountains, like no flood insurance when one buys a house in a flood plan zone – and like flooding from hurricanes when one is not only in a hurricane location but below sea level to boot! As is New Orleans, get a grip. They choose to take a risk. It happens. FEMA will fix it. With that in mind, how many other nations are running to our aid, both financially and with people and supplies? Gee, big fat none, huh?Re: Wisdom from the WebRight on, Elizabeth Chicoine, Richard Carnes, Mike Cacioppo, Thank goodness for these brave intelligent souls with whom most people agree. Glad to have you on-board with the Vail Daily to do some very fair, quite impartial, and totally factual writing! H.M.Re: Tipsline Re: “How dare somebody in this valley make a claim that the Mexicans who live here do not work hard and are not entitled to the same thing the other kids are.” I think they were referring to illegal aliens’ children (federal lawbreakers) and not Mexicans. In that case, 90 percent of us agree with them. These kids and parents deserve only immediate deportation, not school supplies bought for American students by Americans living in America. If they were referring to Mexicans, well yes, shame on them. I have many Mexican friends, but no illegal alien friends.Re: New classes speed up learningLauren Wilson, master science teacher extraordinaire, is the brain behind the compacted science courses at Battle Mountain. She worked hard to create and implement these challenging new classes for freshman and sophomore students at BMHS. Let’s give credit where it is due! Thank you, Lauren, from an appreciative parent.Vail, Colorado

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