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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Daily staff

On the Vail Daily Web site, you can comment on each story or editorial you read there.Here are excerpts of those comments:Re: Gas $3 a gallon at many valley stationsThanks for the article on soaring prices, especially here in Eagle County. Amazing how the prices here are anywhere from 20-25 cents per gallon higher here than they are in Summit County and Glenwood Springs.I appreciate your gas price survey, but wonder why you omit the Shell station at Edwards Station whose prices are outrageous. Is the owner a big advertiser with the Vail Daily?Editor’s note: That one is listed with the others.Re: Should creationism be taught in public schools?Should Dante’s Inferno be taught along law classes? Or how about Hammurabi’s Code of Law? It has “law” right there in its title?Why do I fall asleep at night? Why does my dog try to bury his bone in the plastic floor of his own cage?I can’t explain these things. Should I think there’s an intelligent design behind these things? No.Re: TipslineIf you live at places at risk, you are assuming the risk when you live, build there, stay there, work there. Like tornadoes in the Midwest, like earthquakes in California, like wildfires in the mountains, like no flood insurance when one buys a house in a flood plan zone – and like flooding from hurricanes when one is not only in a hurricane location but below sea level to boot and remain despite hours of warning to leave! They choose to take a risk. It happens. FEMA will fix it. …Re: Praying for God haters, and othersOh it goes waaaaaay beyond “I know I expose liberal nonsense pretty well. Somehow.” We ALL know that. Which is why you upset the ECSD so much–if you weren’t outstanding you would be a zero threat to them. Not to mention, you are a great writer. So glad you are writing. H.M.Re: Lots of reason to vote this fallHopefully voters will just say no this fall. Bigger government is not better government. Why do we need more commissioners than we already have? The current ones must just be lazy. This is a bad idea that needs to be stopped now.Re: Wildlife crossing scouted from aboveThrilling and exciting solution that really saves the lives of animals and humans in an attractive and esthetic way. To be honest, I can’t tell you I’m happiest for: humans, animals, vehicles, or our precious environment. I hope it goes through with flying colors. Why not? It is a very good thing.Re: Costas says ‘no’The tremendous media attention is due to the tremendous interest by people. If there wasn’t anyone interested, then the coverage would be stopped. Everyone wants to know what happened to her, like it or not. I believe everyone is interested because it is truly a tragedy. A beautiful young woman with everything ahead of her simply disappears off the face of the earth. Not a trace of her anywhere. What adds to the drama are the suspects involved. Privileged young men are the last to be seen with her. Most likely she was murdered and why should the guilty people go free? That is why there is such an obsession with the case. It reminds me of when Princess Diana died. Look at all the media attention that was given to her and a few days later Mother Theresa died. Who got the more coverage, attention and sympathy? Princess Di did, of course. Who deserved it more? Mother Theresa without a doubt. I don’t know Natalee or her family, but my heart aches for them and I am definitely one of those people who want to know what the heck happened down there.By the way, Bob Costas should be ashamed of himself. I think it was quite arrogant of him not to speak about a subject that the whole country seems to be interested in. Isn’t that what he is paid for, to talk about topics people are interested in?Re: TipslineThe problem with denying the Crossroads development is that all of Vail has already been approved to redevelop at that same scale. I don’t understand why those against the dropped proposal don’t see that fact. All of the new development is bigger than before. Most, if not all, have had to be specially approved to do what they want. If I were Peter, I would open a 66,000-square-foot dog boarding facility, since that is what the Crossroads site is approved for. He might even make more money at that facility that the one he had previously proposed! Not that money matters at this point. Then maybe we could talk about Vail losing its “human” scale.Re: Wounded Iraq vets tackle wildernessThis is great stuff. Wonderful. Good men, great place to make a comeback.Re: TipslineSo now that the U.S. has sustained what is called possibly the worst natural disaster in history, think any of those countries we have been giving millions to, will even think about helping us out? Palestine, Israel, Iraq, Iran, etc, etc. Maybe they could help by sending us oil, since most of the gulf and Southern operations have been destroyed by Katrina.Re: Red Cross deploying local volunteersI think that is a great offer and it is very sweet. You are doing something about the people that are now homeless because of hurricane Katrina. My aunt and cousin were in the hurricane and now on there way to Florida and i think that what you are doing is very considerate and you should keep it up. Thank you for helping the people in need because of this tragic disaster.I think of you as a very considerate person. Thank you.Vail, Colorado

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